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10 Life Lessons Our Mother’s Taught Us – Happy Mother’s Day

Find Success Heeding 10 Life Lessons Our Mothers Taught US

This Sunday, the 15th of March is Mother’s Day. This is the day people reflect on the importance of mothers and take the opportunity to thank them for their unconditional love and support throughout their lives.

For some of us, one of the most important relationships in our lives is the one we have with our mother. There is something about a mother that provides the blueprint for all the values we take with us into adulthood.

They instilled confidence in us and taught us the meaning of hard work and the rewards that come with it. They introduced us to life experiences that forced us to interact with people, teaching us invaluable social skills, respect and a sense of self-belief.

Mother’s Day is a day for honouring one’s mother, maternal bonds and the influence our mothers have had in society and who we are as individuals.

A mother’s influence is beyond assessment and is, of course, deserving of a special treat on Mother’s Day, so don’t hold back on the flowers and chocolates.

In many cases, our mothers were our first teachers. Formal learning can teach you a great deal, and set you on the correct career trajectory, however, many of the essential life skills are the ones you were shown in your youth by your mother.

So what life lessons did your mom teach you? Here are my Top 10;

1.      Be a good friend to find a good friend”

Healthy friends cultivate healthy friendships. How you treat others can speak volumes about your character and integrity.

2.      “Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of”

A mother knows that it’s her job to not only love her children but also to inspire them to do their best every day. If you don’t believe in yourself, it becomes obvious to those around you, and it’s harder for others to believe in you.

3.      “When one door closes, another door opens”

This quote is about missed opportunities. Many people do not like and, therefore, resist change. Not all change is bad, but sometimes the ambiguity of the change makes it difficult to see beyond. A closed door to some may mean loss or failure, as opposed to an opportunity for development and growth.

4.      “When you’re small, your problems are small, and as you grow so do they, so enjoy the now.”

My mother always told us not to think too much about the past or too far into the future. As you grow your worries will grow, live in and enjoy the moment.

5.     “Admit your mistakes”

If you want to be successful you should be willing to try different things and not everything may work out just as you have planned. There may be times when you will fail and times when you are going to achieve success. When you are failing this doesn’t necessarily mean you are on the wrong path. Failure is part of the path to success and embracing your mistakes will only help you grow on your journey. If you make a mistake, humbly admit it, and work to fix it.

6.      “Remember your manners”

Having good manners is much more than knowing which fork to use or knowing when to say please and thank you. Good manners can set you apart from someone else who does not have these skills. Good manners make a positive impression in any setting. They create a framework that allows us to communicate with fewer misunderstandings, and with clear expectations for what will happen. Good manners are simply knowing how to behave in a way that doesn’t make the people around you uncomfortable.

7.      “Value diversity”

We are all the products of our own individual upbringing and experiences so it is completely natural that we will all have differences in opinions on a wide range of issues. The world would be a very dull place if we were all the same. Being different isn’t necessarily being better or worse; it is just that; different.

8.     “Be slow to anger and quick to praise”

Those who complain too much are often branded as complainers, and that can be a hard label to shake. Don’t complain for the sake of complaining. If there is a problem, identify it, research possible sources and offer potential solutions. That adds value instead of just compounding the issue. Always praise those who do well, and they will continue to do so.

9.      “Live your life with integrity”

Living a life with integrity is easier than living a life of deceit. While making unethical decisions is often easier in the short term, it will eventually catch up with you. You will never be truly happy living a life struggling to remember your lies, living in fear of being found out and not feeling like you truly earned your success.

10. “You will be OK”

Have the belief that you will be ok. This is the main life lesson my mother taught us. And when times are difficult or the time comes when you don’t feel OK, know that this is just another one of life’s lessons and an opportunity for you to grow and learn.

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