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10 Top Tips to Land Your Dream Job in 2021 

A new year can bring with it a new sense of possibility. For many, this can mean the determination to achieve their dream job. At Careerwise, we are experts in guiding jobseekers through the recruitment process. Here are our top tips for landing your dream job in 2021…  


  1. Create your story


Does your resume create a compelling and authentic narrative that gives a truthful account of your achievements, whilst also highlighting the trajectory you are aiming to fulfil? 


  1. Network


Now is the time to think about who you know. Talk to friends, former colleagues, mentors and old classmates; you never know where an opportunity or useful connection might arise.


  1. Make a list of companies you would like to work for


Having a clear target will help focus your job hunt. Just because your desired employers aren’t currently hiring doesn’t mean you should give up hope. A polite expression of interest might just lead to an unexpected opportunity; it shows your genuine enthusiasm for the company, and that you are someone with initiative and drive.


  1. Be clear in your goals


Applying for every job that you come across can waste time and energy. Instead, make a clear assessment of where you want to progress to. Then target your job search. Customise your resume accordingly; employers won’t respond well to “one-size-fits-all” applications. 


  1. Know your own skills


Rather than search by your dream job title, look at the skills required for each position. Only apply for posts where you can fulfil the necessary skills. Job titles can be misleading, but by skill matching, you are more likely to put your time and energy into applying for the right job for you. 


  1. Don’t neglect your covering letter


It is common for people to restate their resume in their covering letter. But this letter is a great opportunity to tell your prospective employer something new. Make sure you tell them why you are the best candidate for the position, and even include a call to action to make your application really stand out. 


  1. Research the company and your interviewers


Prepare thoroughly for interviews. You can really impress by researching the company and showing a detailed interest in what they do in a wider context, not only your specific role. Can you form connections with your interviewers – is there a specific project they have worked on that you admire? Such things could give you the edge against other candidates. 


  1. Don’t be shy about your weaknesses


Everyone has their flaws, and interviewers will often ask about them. It’s best not to try and sidestep the question. Instead, maintain a sense of integrity by acknowledging genuine weaknesses, but ones that will not affect your job prospects. For instance, if applying to be a graphic designer, a lack of ability with numbers doesn’t matter. Your honesty will be appreciated. 


  1. Prepare for unexpected questions


Although by their nature it is very hard to predict unexpected questions, every thorough interview will include one or two. They are usually designed simply to test your way of thinking, and how you respond under pressure. So expect the unexpected. Don’t rush in with your answer – breathe, smile, and calmly give a reasoned response. 


  1. Remain calm!


Interviews are high pressure situations, but training yourself to remain calm is some of the best preparation you can make. Remember to breathe deeply and take your time – and don’t panic if you make a mistake. If you can calmly carry on, you might just save the situation. 


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