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3 Steps To Securing Your Dream Engineering Job In Ireland

Here at CareerWise, we work with many people in the engineering industry, both with candidates looking for their dream job, and with companies looking to employ the best new talent. This means that we’re well placed to advise on the steps you can take to maximise your potential and secure the job that you want, now or in the future.

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In every industry, it’s important to consider what you can do that makes you stand out from other candidates, and in the engineering sector, there are many ways to approach this. Here’s our quick guide to boosting your job search and finding the very best engineering job for you.

 Areas To Develop When You’re Searching For A New Engineering Job


  • Be honest about what you offer. You can begin by considering what you can offer to a potential company and what sort of qualifications and soft skills you have. Writing down everything that you have achieved can be helpful here, but don’t neglect the things you do that demonstrate your team skills and your commitment, such as volunteering.


  • Consider further training. Whatever industry you are in, learning is an ongoing process and your development is crucial. Consider taking on a new course of study or another course that will advance your skills or specialism, and talk to your colleagues and line manager about the areas that would be most useful for you to develop.


  • Gain more experience. It is frustrating when a lack of experience prevents you from securing the role you want, and you can gain more experience in every sector by offering to volunteer or work on an extra project or two in the area you are interested in. There may be opportunities to work or study via a sponsorship or internship route with your current company, so don’t assume that progress can only take one path.


  • Develop soft skills. When you write an application, how do you demonstrate that you are a team player, and that you are committed to your work? Think about the many ways in which you could show these skills, and consider joining teams, volunteering in your community and developing your life experience in other ways.


  • Network effectively. Networking is all about getting to know others in your field and getting your name known for all the right reasons. Send a message of introduction to potential employers and colleagues, and understand that this research will be very useful in the future, when you are considering which jobs, and which companies, to apply for.


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