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Operation “Career” Transformation 2017

Are you carrying excess jobweight?

Operation "Career" Transformation

Operation Transformation is taking the country by storm. It’s giving thousands of people across the country the motivation to get up, get out, get moving and improve their over all health. It seems the professionals on Operation Transformation have the diet and fitness aspect covered. However, you have to ask yourself  “Are there other areas of your life you are carrying excess weight in”?

We all need jobs to pay for our living expenses, but when you are unhappy with your job you become unhealthy, unmotivated and unproductive in all aspects of your life. There are many influences that can cause general dissatisfaction in your job. For example conflict of interest with your superiors, office politics, and workload pressure, working long hours, unattractive compensation etc., and the list is endless. What once seemed like the dream job during the recruitment process has turned you into a clock watcher and added you to the many unhappy workers causing a stampede in the car park at the stroke of five.

I’m no doctor, but if your existing job is having a predominantly negative affect on your well being, you owe it to yourself to at least consider what a career transformation could do for you and your health.

The longer you choose to stay in a job you hate the more unhappy, bitter and resentful you become.

The consequences of being stuck in a dead end job can weigh you down just as much as those extra lbs want you to shift.  Like the fat, it can have detrimental affects on both your mental and physical well being.
When is it time to change?
  • When your job is causing you to experience stress related illness like frequent headaches or infections, severe indigestion, insomnia or depression – then it’s time to change.
  • When your job is affecting your personality and you are starting to get in involved in conflicts and you are starting to loose the respect of your peers- then it’s time to change.
  • When you are taking your frustrations from work home in the evening time, and it is interfering with your personal relationships- then it’s time to change.
  • When you know you are not living and working to your full potential and the negative aspects of your work are spreading into all other parts of your life- then it’s time to change.

Reasons we convince ourselves to stay put

1. No Direction/Vision

Many people, who are unhappy in their jobs, lack clear career direction. Many are still unsure as what areas they would like to work in. Already deflated and somewhat robotic in your everyday life, it becomes difficult to have the vision and focus required to get yourself motivated.

2. Protecting yourself

The recruitment process is very time consuming and often involves a series of rejections before you land that new job. If your confidence has taken a hammering in your existing job, you automatically have your guard up. This is understandable, and leaving yourself open to further criticism or rejection maybe something you do not want to put yourself through. There is often a cynicism among long-term employees of organisational shifts and changes because they know they will outlast it “just like the last time”, but if you spend your whole career thinking like that you will never achieve complete satisfaction in the work place.

Nobody likes being “the new kid on the block”. You have probably built up strong bonds and friendships in your existing job and the thoughts of going back to basics, having to prove your technical, communication and social skills all over again is a very daunting prospect. Especially without the “social security blanket” that is your network of friends.

3. Family Commitments / Loyalty

In smaller towns around the country, there are fewer employment opportunities. Changing jobs may involve relocating which could disrupt the family dynamic. A partner’s career and your children’s schooling maybe affected. As much as you may dislike your job, the hours of work and the location may suit your lifestyle. Therefore, you become reluctant to change jobs because of the logistics.

Even when people don’t like their jobs they may still feel a strong sense of loyalty or responsibility towards their colleagues, client, customers etc. Although they want to leave they feel if they did, they would be abandoning colleagues in similar situations.

4. Financial / Lifestyle

In a time where economic factors are putting extra burdens on everyone, the decision to change your financial situation is a very difficult scenario to contemplate. Huge mortgages, loans, credit card or student debt or nearing retirement are all reasons to keep you from considering a change.

Longer serving or more senior employees with higher than average salaries realise, it’s unlikely they’ll find a position with a matching salary and are reluctant to compromise their standard of living. People realise it will take time before they can accumulate enough annual leave for a holiday and many companies reward long service with an increased annual leave entitlement, which will be lost in a move to another company.

So here’s the bottom line

You can sit back and do nothing, but if you take no action it will just create a miserable downward spiral.  By ignoring the problem you risk your reputation being permanently affected. If your professional relationships deteriorate to such a degree that the decision to end your employment is taken out of your hands, you maybe greeted some morning with your P45 and a not so glowing reference for your future employer.

If you feel you are starting to loose the respect of your colleagues and superiors, and your sense of work ethic is a distant memory, you need to take matters into your own hands.


Operation "Career" Transformation 2017Before you go off haphazardly, get some advice from our experts and put together a formal plan. If you stick to the plan “like one of Dr. Eva’s diets”, it will make your transition to a new career much easier and help you achieve your ultimate goal of complete job satisfaction.

Our consultants are true leaders and our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience in industry, acquired and harnessed through many years’ linkage with cutting-edge, modern manufacturing and logistics developments, is our added-value differentiator. This is what gives us the edge when interviewing, advising, preparing and guiding candidates through the recruitment process.

The rest is up to you. Check out our leaders (Consultant Team Members) and start your Operation Career Transformation today or sign up for our job alerts here to keep you informed of potential opportunities.



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