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5 Soft Skills Companies In Ireland Are Looking For

The specific skills and experience that you can bring to your job will be crucial in securing the role you want, but did you know that your ‘soft skills’ could also be highly valuable? Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, are the qualities that determine how you interact with and learn from others, and these can make a huge difference to your employability as well as your everyday life.

Whether you’re working on a project with a team or setting up a sports initiative in your spare time, you’ll need some of the soft skills that can set you apart from others. Just like industry specific skills, soft skills can be practised and developed, and working on these will help you to interact more successfully with people in many areas of your life. 

5 Soft Skills You Need

soft skills companies in ireland are looking for

Here at CareerWise, we believe that the following soft skills will be instrumental in advancing your career to the next level: 

  1. Connect with how you feel. Emotional awareness is extremely important across all industries, and developing this will help you in your home and social life as well. This is all about not rushing in to a situation, but taking the time to analyse what you are feeling and giving yourself a chance to reflect on your emotions and the appropriate responses before you react to a situation in an unhelpful way.
  1. Build a sense of self. Most employers have no room for a candidate who cannot think independently, and having a sense of self is crucial in all aspects of your life. Think about how you can develop yourself, whether this involves travel, professional development courses, further education or volunteering, and give yourself a chance to become the person you have always wanted to be.
  1. Mean what you say. If you want people to trust you and respect you, it’s important to maintain your integrity by being accountable. If you commit to do something, ensure it is done to the best of your ability, and always follow up and take responsibility for the tasks assigned to you. 
  1. Learn to listen. Effective listening is not just about hearing what others say while waiting for the opportunity to speak. Developing your listening skills will be a great asset throughout your life, and you will notice how well the people around you respond to this. Ask questions about the person you are speaking with, and always try to listen more than you talk.
  1. Think outside the box. Sometimes, even the best laid plans are disrupted, and being able to be flexible and adaptable can make all the difference here. You will be seen as a real asset to a company if you can demonstrate resourceful thinking and find creative solutions to difficult situations. 

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