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5 Things Recruiters Are Looking For Right Now

What do recruiters want? When you’re looking for a challenging new position, you’ll probably need to impress recruiters in a recruitment agency as well as within the companies you apply to. Finding out how to catch the eye of a recruiter can help you to get the job you want and build good connections that will have a positive impact on your future career.

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What Do Recruiters Really Want?

 A recruiter will work with a company or employer to find out exactly what is required for a particular position, and knowing what they are looking for can help a great deal in your job search. Here’s our insight into what recruiters are looking for right now:


  1. A concise CV. Your CV will usually be the first impression you make on a recruiter, and a long, rambling CV is very off-putting. Your CV should be only one page, or two pages at a maximum if you have a lot of relevant experience. A well written cover letter can help to highlight points that are not obvious in your CV, and it goes without saying that you should ensure your spelling and grammar are impeccable throughout.


  1. Appropriate research. Before you attend an interview, you should do your research into the company and the role you are applying for. Research as much as you can and you will shine in your interview, firstly for your knowledge and secondly for your willingness to learn!


  1. Relevant experience. If you’re applying for a position that is in demand, you’ll be especially aware of the need to prove your experience and skills, and you should highlight all relevant history in your CV and your interview. Demonstrate the transferable skills you could bring to the company and be prepared to discuss or show examples of your work and the decision making processes that are relevant to the role.


  1. Self awareness. At an interview, you’ll need to talk about yourself, and this can feel uncomfortable. Take the time to think about what you want to say about yourself, and consider your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the position you are applying for. It is a good sign for a recruiter if you have a career plan and can talk honestly about why this role would suit you and your skill set.


  1. Questions. You’ll always be given the opportunity to ask questions in an interview, and recruiters love it when you take the chance to ask about something interesting. Think about this beforehand and prepare some good questions to give you an insight into the company and the role, and to clarify what it would actually be like to work there.


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