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5 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

When you’re looking for a new job, you can spend a great deal of time and effort searching for the ideal position and perfecting your CV, but you’ll need to ace an interview to seal the deal. Brushing up your interviews skills is always a good idea, and it’s also worth checking out what not to say to ensure you make the best impression!

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Working with a recruitment agency can be a great way to find the best new roles and get the support you need to secure the job you want. In our experience, an interview is the most crucial part of the process and there are several ways to ensure it goes well. However, there are a few common phrases that can put an interviewer off immediately, so be sure to avoid these:


  •  I’ve done this job many times. Having the experience to succeed in a role is a great asset, and showing that you are competent is essential. However, this phrase gives the impression that you do not appreciate that the requirements of this position and this company may be very different to similar roles, and comes across as arrogant and unwilling to learn.


  •  I’m the best person for this job. Again, this is a phrase that sounds arrogant and does not give the best impression of you as a candidate. Assuming that you know the company and the demands of the position better than your interviewer will be off-putting, and you should understand that the recruiters and managers are in a better position to decide who is the best candidate for the role.


  •  I’d just love to work for you. Even if you’re in an interview with someone you think would make a great boss, you should not be telling them this! It will make you sound presumptuous and you can’t assume that you know what this person would be like to work for based on this interview situation. Instead of saying this, focus on showing that you would be a great person to work with, and demonstrate how you could contribute to the company and the team.


  •  Please give me a chance! There are few things more off putting than desperation, and this phrase will not give a good impression of you at all. No-one should base a hiring decision on feeling sorry for someone, and trying to win a role based on sympathy is not a good idea. Concentrate on demonstrating your skills and aptitude for the position and you are much more likely to succeed.


  •  I’d be prepared to work really long hours. This phrase is surprisingly common and most people do not realise how it sounds. You should not have to wheedle your way into a job by promising more than your contracted hours, and it may sound worrying to a potential employer if you do not think you can manage the responsibilities within the normal working day. When you are positive and competent, you should be hired on the strength of your ability, rather than the length of hours you are prepared to work.

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