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5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Finance & Accounting Career

Are you working in Finance and Accounting but not certain where your career path is heading? Many people work successfully in these areas for many years, and get good results and earn promotions, but this does not mean that they have achieved career satisfaction.

Managing your career path is all about creating a life you love, and feeling certain that you are in the right job for you. If you’re not already living the life you really want, perhaps it could be time to take control of your career and take steps towards your ideal role.

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Tips For Taking Control Of Your Accounting and Finance Career


Here at CareerWise, it’s our job to make sure that you love yours! If you want to take control of your career, start following our top tips today. 

  1. Focus on the future. What do you want in life? The first step towards the career you have always wanted is to identify what your ideal life looks like. Write down or draw everything you want more of in your life in the future, and then you can begin to set goals and work towards making these things happen.


  1. Create opportunities. It’s unlikely that your ideal career will fall into your lap without you actively pursuing it, so begin to create opportunities for yourself. If you want to learn more about a certain role, volunteer to help with projects that can give you this experience, and if you want to be considered for a promotion, talk to your boss directly about how you can make this happen.


  1. Build connections. Networking may be a buzz word but it’s always been important to connect with others who can help you to develop your career. Talk to people in the areas you are interested in as often as you can, and ask those who are in your ideal role how they got there.


  1. Pursue specific training. Find out what training or qualifications could be helpful for the position you ultimately aspire to, and start working towards it. Perhaps there are qualifications you can take online or in an evening class, or you may be able to obtain sponsorship from your company to develop specific skills.


  1. Think positive. The chances are that whatever you want to achieve will be challenging. If you set out on your career path with a positive attitude and a determination to succeed, you are much more likely to end up where you want to be than if you sabotage yourself with self doubt and negativity.


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