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7 Ways to Grow your Career in 2021 

The chaos the COVID-19 pandemic has caused this year may make it seem impossible to continue to grow your career. But looking ahead to 2021, there are numerous strategies you can adopt to help your working life flourish. At Careerwise, we are experts in helping our clients find the best job opportunities and continue their career progression. Here are 7 ways to grow your career in 2021…

  •   Stay focused on your goals 

Make sure you know what you are working towards. Then you can equip yourself with the new skills or work experience that you need to make that goal a reality.



  • Discuss potential career progression with your manager

Often an honest discussion with your superiors about your aspirations can lead to further opportunities, whether it is the knowledge that you will need a further qualification in order to get that promotion; or support in taking on new responsibilities. Making sure you are on the same page about your trajectory can improve your prospects as well as your working relationships.



  • Propose new strategies

By identifying and solving problems, you will let management know you are pro-active and ready for more responsibility. You will also build on your list of achievements for your C.V.



  • Keep networking

While the economic effects of the pandemic are playing out, it may become harder to achieve the progression you desire. However, bear in mind that you can still build connections for the future. Through networking events (perhaps online), or sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, networking with people outside your current company can reap serious rewards once you begin a new job search, or when one of your new contacts is searching for talent with your skill set.



  • Volunteer for extra assignments

Take every opportunity to improve your C.V. If your company needs someone to take the lead on a project that relates to your goals, make sure you are first in line. Not only does this improve your prospects on paper, but managers will be impressed by your enthusiasm and drive – and they will remember when they are making promotions too.



  • Find a mentor

It can be incredibly useful to talk to someone who has been in your position, and can give insight into how to progress. Find someone in your field whom you admire, and ask for their perspective on how you can improve your career prospects.



  • Take extra courses and keep adding to your skills

Even if it feels as though this year has left your career grinding to a halt, there are plenty of places you can improve your skills outside your workplace, ready for when things get back to normal. There are a wealth of online resources to chose from, and in general they are either low cost or free. Refer back to your original goals, and the skills you need to achieve those goals. Then take courses in those areas. Remember that in order to reap the benefits of each course you will need to dedicate time and effort, so be realistic about what you take on.Your new skills will stand you in good stead, and show your proactive approach, just as soon as managers are hiring again.


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