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Are You Retaining Your Top Talent?

When you know you’ve found a great new member of staff to fill a vacant position, you can enjoy the positive boost that your team experiences, and appreciate the influx of new ideas and energy. However, if you find that this same staff member is planning to leave your organisation within a short period of time, you may need to ask some difficult questions of yourself and your business.

Recruitment surveys often show that the most effective members of staff within businesses feel unappreciated or undervalued by their employers, and this can often cause the leading lights of a staff team to look elsewhere for alternative employment.

How To Keep Your Top Talent:

  1. Identify them. Your most effective team members won’t always be the ones with the best record of attendance or the longest service under their belts. The members of staff you really need to hang on to will be those who are seeking out personal and career development opportunities, and those who are going beyond the remit of their role to create and make the most of opportunities for the benefit of the business.
  1. Feed their hunger. If you have members of staff who are asking for more responsibility and greater opportunities, make the most of this commitment and allow them to rise to the challenge. Giving control of projects or areas to those who have not held such positions before should be a good way to enable them to develop their skills and experience.
  1. Listen to them. As an employer, it’s vital to listen to the opinions and ideas of your employees, both to demonstrate your appreciation of their commitment to you, and to make the most of their expertise in their area. If they are working on the ground level of your organization on a daily basis, they will be likely to have experience and knowledge that can be insightful and useful to you in your decision making.
  1. Look after them. An employer who values a committed and engaged workforce will ensure that his or her employees are happy. Many employers consider it beneficial to their business, as well as to their employees, to provide incentives such as free child care, health care and flexible working hours, and they are rewarded by positive and keen staff, who are much more likely to stay with them.

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