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Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency to Apply for Jobs in Ireland

Here at CareerWise, we know that using a recruitment agency to find your next job will give you credibility and increase your chances of finding a great match for your skillset and personality. Our team of experts have access to the latest jobs and we know the industry inside out, so we can connect top quality candidates with inspirational businesses for great outcomes all round.

If you’ve never used a recruitment agency before, you may have questions about how it works and what the benefits might be. Here, we’ll give you a brief rundown on the way our agency works, and explore the reasons why working with us could be the best way to find the job of your dreams.



What does a recruitment agency do?

A recruitment agency works within a specific industry or across a number of industries in which it has expertise, connecting individuals who are seeking employment with positions that suit their experience and skillset. Here at CareerWise, we take the time to get to know our clients, because we believe that the more we know about you, the more likely we are to find a job you’ll love.

Our expert team have a wealth of experience in the Engineering, Supply Chain, Science/Pharma, IT and Accounting industries, and we partner with companies across these industries to find the most appropriate candidates for jobs at all levels. You can contact us online or give us a call, and we will begin by discussing your previous experience and what you are looking for. We will identify positions that may suit you, and we can work with you to polish your CV, applications and interview skills to maximise your chances of securing the job you really want.


Why use a recruitment agency?

If you have not worked with a recruitment agency before, you may wonder what the benefits of doing so are, compared with tackling the job search on your own. Here’s why working with a recruitment agency can make all the difference when you are looking for a new job:

      1. You’ll save time. Applying for jobs takes up a lot of time and effort, it’s not an easy process, and it can be exhausting, especially if you are working at the same time. We can handle the stress for you, streamlining the process to quickly identify jobs that are a good match, and managing your applications and feedback. This means that you won’t have to spend your evenings trawling the employment websites, and you will be sure that your applications are perfectly tailored to fit the companies that you are applying to, making the most of our knowledge in the industry.


      1. You’ll benefit from insider knowledge. It is as important to find a company culture that is a good fit for you as it is to concentrate on the job specification of a particular role. It’s our business to get to know the companies we work with, understanding their ethos and building up an understanding of the sort of person that will thrive with them. We work with managers and team leaders at every level within a company, so that we can identify the best candidates for each position that needs filling, and we can offer our clients a high level of insider knowledge because of this. We are a well established recruitment agency with a large network and extensive experience, so we can give you an insight into the way each company works and what employers are really looking for.


      1. You’ll have more options. It’s important to remember that most businesses have ongoing recruitment needs, and applying directly for a specific job that interests you doesn’t give you the best opportunity to secure a new position. Our experienced recruitment consultants work with businesses on an ongoing basis, identifying highly skilled candidates who may be well suited to other roles they are recruiting for. Many people find that their recruitment consultant is able to find a great match for them, and that they are selected and offered the chance to apply for several excellent positions instead of just one, increasing their chances of securing the new role they are seeking.


      1. You’ll be better prepared. Here at CareerWise, we know how daunting the prospect of an interview can be. And if you’re struggling to even secure an interview for the type of job you want, you may be feeling extremely frustrated. We know the industries we work within, and we understand what our partner companies are looking for, so we are perfectly placed to help you to prepare for the process more effectively. We can help you to improve your CV and make your applications more relevant and appealing to the businesses you are applying to, drawing on the experiences and skills you have already developed in your previous roles. We can work with you to prepare you for interview, taking the time to ensure you know what to expect and how to excel in an interview situation, and this will help to make the most of your opportunity to shine.


      1. You may get a better salary. Securing a new role will usually involve some negotiation around salary and this can be a stressful part of the process. Working with a recruitment agency can give you a better chance of securing a higher salary since recruitment consultants know the company and their budgets, and have a good understanding of the negotiation process. If your agreed salary is higher, your recruitment agency will be paid a higher fee, so it is in the interests of the agency to negotiate a better deal for you.


      1. You’ll be more credible. When employers are searching for new talent, it can be difficult to sort through applications and identify those with potential from the rest. Working with a recruitment agency gives you a head start here, because you have already established your background and various checks will have been carried out, often including checking your references, so you are already presented as a credible candidate. Potential employers know immediately that your application is genuine, and that your CV is reliable, so they will be confident in you and are more likely to take you through to the next level.


      1. You’ll build a relationship. Job searching can be a lonely process, but when you work with a recruitment agency, you won’t be on your own. We’ll keep you updated about the progress of your application, giving you feedback to help you at every stage, and we’ll keep working hard to find the right opportunity for you to secure your dream job.



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