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Brexit: Exciting Times For Supply Chain In Ireland

Much of the talk about Brexit has been negative in the last few months, and we know that there will be some significant impacts on the supply chain industry. However, it appears likely that there will also be some interesting and positive effects for the Irish market, and these include the logistical changes that may make Ireland a viable alternative to the UK in terms of freight and shipping.

The UK looks set to follow a path of ‘Hard Brexit’, which will dramatically change the way in which import/export business is managed, although this is still in the planning stages and no final decisions have been reached since the UK elections in June. Options involving Irish ports as an alternative to UK locations are being explored, and this could be a great thing for Irish industry.

How Ireland Can Provide An Answer To Brexit:

Many questions have been raised about the way in which freight is transported – particularly since the UK is such an active trading force within the EU at present. Locations across Ireland have been suggested as alternative ports and distribution centres, and this may lead to an overhaul of the supply chain industry in general.

Rotterdam port is reportedly already at capacity, and this has exciting implications for Ireland and it’s role in accommodating the import/export industry within the EU. Irish ports, which have long been crucial to world trade, should be ready for a freight boom that could be hugely beneficial to all those in the supply chain industry and many other sectors.

Options include:

  • The port of Foynes in Limerick has been identified as a potential alternative to UK ports because it could be a financially viable option for export from the EU to the US, and for EU and non-EU trading.
  • Cork port may be poised to take on a more central role, especially as it is possible to create more direct freight routes from here to mainland Europe.
  • Donegal could become a port destination open to developing more opportunities within the Irish market.
  • Discussions are already underway about the potential for creating import/export routes through Ireland, which suggests major infrastructure and employment impact.

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