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Career advice for Biomedical Scientists in Ireland

Biomedical scientistIf you are a biomedical scientist, you may feel that your career options are limited to the most mainstream applications of this industry. However, stepping outside the box and considering the many alternative roles that require these specialist skills can open up more possibilities and lead you in a new direction.

If you believe that your training and experience has equipped you only for a research role, you may feel restricted by this. The research and mentoring process of obtaining your qualifications and beginning work in this field, however, lays the foundations for diverse career opportunities that you may not have considered before. Read on to find out more about developing your career pathway. 

Biomedical Jobs: Opportunities to develop

Your first job will not usually be a job for life, and the employment market here in Ireland is diverse and exciting, especially for those in scientific and pharmaceutical roles. It is possible to craft your own career pathway and develop a portfolio that is as unique as you are when you adhere to the following advice. 

  1. Remain open minded. Many people are conditioned as they grow up to follow the career paths of their close family and friends, but the world is changing at an incredible rate and keeping an open mind is essential. Many exciting career opportunities are being created every day, and finding a specialist area you love has never been so achievable.
  1. Keep learning. Your education does not stop when you have completed your degree, and a career that is challenging and rewarding will offer you the potential to keep learning and developing your skills. Follow up areas that interest you and continue your professional development so that you can take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  1. Set yourself goals. Making progress in your career is all about setting realistic and achievable goals and working towards them with focus. Ensure that your targets are measurable and that you assign a time frame for each, and you’ll feel great as you progress towards the career you really want. 
  1. Look for mentors. Having three or more mentors has been identified by researchers as a factor that influences career development significantly. Seek out mentors you admire, including those in your field and in the roles you are aiming to secure in the future, and make the most of their knowledge and expertise.
  1. Build diverse experience. You should aim to get as much real life, valuable experience as possible, both in your field and in your other areas of interest. Look into research groups and training courses and develop your personal experience, so that you become more desirable to an employer.


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