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Careers Advice for HR Generalists in Ireland

If you’re working in HR, you will probably need to make a decision about whether to specialise in a specific area of interest or to become a ‘generalist’, perhaps taking on more demanding leadership roles. Either way, the key will be in successfully planning the next steps in your career.

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Here at CareerWise, we specialise in helping talented professionals to make the most of their skills and experiences to secure the roles they want. We work with excellent companies across many different sectors, and the demand for good HR professionals is high. Read on for our top advice for HR generalists in Ireland.

How to Succeed in HR

A rewarding career does not just happen, it involves effort and input to ensure that you reap the rewards you are hoping for. The following guidelines can help you to put together a career plan and achieve the kind of outcomes you want:

  1. Identify your goals. Take some time to consider where you want to be in five or ten years time, and ask yourself what you enjoy most in your current role. If this is a particular area that you wish to develop, it’s worth considering specialising. Setting your sights on a role that offers the kind of work you want to be doing, and that offers the sort of salary you want, is a great way to begin identifying specific steps that will help you to pursue this.
  1. Work out your pathway. A vague goal is not very helpful in any industry. Once you know your ultimate goal, the key is to break it down into manageable and measurable chunks. Think about the skills required to excel in the field you are aiming for, and look at opportunities to build your portfolio with this in mind.
  1. Develop your expertise. Being an expert in your field is a great asset for an HR generalist, and being able to step into positive partnerships with businesses and unions will help. If you do not have a background in business, this is a key area in which to develop your knowledge and understanding.
  1. Build relationships. HR is perceived in different ways within different businesses, and when you make the most of networking opportunities and build relationships with other professionals in your preferred industry, you broaden your chances of finding your ideal role within a company that suits your ethos. Don’t let networking opportunities pass you by, and pursue connections with people in the role you want as well as those who may be in influential positions to help you get there.
  1. Look for opportunities. The key to career progression in most industries is to be prepared to learn. Having an adaptable approach, being flexible in your training and always being willing to add to your skillset is a great way to build the career you want. Every development opportunity will help you to refine and adapt your ideas, and seeking out chances to plug the gaps in your experience will give you a great reputation for commitment and a much better chance of getting where you want to be.

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