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Considering Re-skilling for the Pharma and Medical Device Industries in Ireland?

Medical device jobs IrelandIf you’re looking to grow your career and build an exciting future in Ireland, you may well be considering re-skilling for the Pharma or Medical Device industries. These are areas of consistent growth, even in light of difficulties in other industries on a global scale.

There are many reasons why a move into the Pharmaceutical or Medical Device industries could be a great solution for you, and if you’re interested in a stable position at the forefront of your sector, you’ll be looking in the right place. Read on for our top reasons why you should consider re-skilling for these industries right now.

Is re-skilling a good option for you?

 Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or simply want to make the most of your talent and opportunities, re-skilling for the pharma and medical device industries is a sound choice. There are many reasons why this is a great idea, including: 

  • Good remunerative potential. Roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors are often desirable because they pay well, and this is certainly true of specialist roles and skilled positions in Ireland. Salaries compare very positively with other manufacturing roles, and the research shows that most people working in these roles earn around 30% more than the national average wage in Ireland.
  • These are growth industries. Despite a global economic crisis, the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland has averaged job growth of 1,000 jobs per year in recent years. This is an industry that is investing and seeing great returns, and this is very positive news for those who have the skills and experience needed to excel here.
  • It is a stable sector. If job security is important to you, and let’s face it, it is for most people, this is an excellent area to re-skill for. The pharmaceutical and medical device industries have not seen the same highs and lows that have been demonstrated in many other industries in the last few years. These industries have seen constant growth each year and investment continues into research and development funding.
  • It focuses on innovation. Ireland is a world-renowned centre for excellence where innovation within industry is concerned. Areas of investment are varied and the wide range of opportunities for innovative thinkers across this sector makes it a great option for anyone who is seeking a meaningful career.
  • There is potential for career growth. As with any industry in which investment and value are high, the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors offer exciting potential for career development. There is a great demand for highly skilled, experienced individuals, and opportunities to progress within a company or specific area of skill in order to maximise your career growth.


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