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Considering Your Counter Offer

Counter Job Offer CareerwiseDeciding to find a new job can be the result of feeling undervalued in your current position or of wanting to find a position that is better suited to your skills and career plan, and once you have found a new role, it is usually an exciting time. However, it is fairly common for your current employer to consider making a counter offer in an attempt to persuade you to stay.

If you have received a counter offer after being offered another job with a different employer, you will probably want to consider your options carefully. Many people are tempted by the promises of a counter offer, especially if they are offered more money or a promotion to a role they are more interested in, but research shows that many who accept a counter offer will be seeking new roles again within six months. This is not a decision to take lightly, and the following questions may help you to make up your mind.

Should I Accept A Counter Offer?

Consider the following carefully:

  1. Why did you choose this job in the first place? If this was the job of your dreams, you will likely feel very differently about it than if it was a first step on the ladder into an industry you were new to. Think about how you felt about your job when you started, and how this feels different today.
  2. Why did you want to leave your current employer? If you were finding that the job wasn’t challenging you, or that you felt undervalued, it may be that a counter offer that addresses these issues could work for you. However, if you were dissatisfied in the enterprise, or had problems with other personnel, you should think about whether these concerns can be alleviated by the offer you have received.
  3. What is your career plan? Look carefully at where you see yourself in a year, and then in five years. Consider the sort of role you would like to be in, and the salary you would like to be earning. Which of the prospects before you leads you more clearly in the right direction for this goal?
  4. How will your resignation affect your current position if you choose to stay? By resigning from your company, you have shown your willingness to look elsewhere and your lack of loyalty to the business. Think about whether this could make your working life difficult in the future, and whether you will enjoy working in this environment where your colleagues are aware that you wanted to leave.
  5. What about the other offer? Think again about the job you wanted to accept before you received your counter offer. Ask yourself honestly how you feel about the prospect of this role, and think about whether you will be missing out on future opportunities with this company if you turn down the job.

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