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Do You Want A Promotion?

job promotionIf you’ve been working for the same employer for a long period of time, you may have had expectations of being promoted to a position with more responsibility or a higher pay grade. If this isn’t happening for you, it might be worth asking yourself a few key questions to see if you can work out what might be holding you back.

Why Haven’t I Been Promoted?

There may be many reasons why you haven’t been promoted at work, and these may be specific to your industry or your company, but it can help to consider the following to find out whether your answers may give you an insight.

1. Is there an opportunity? Look at your current business and see whether there have been opportunities for you to be promoted. It may be that your department or sector has been experiencing a low period, or that there has been no movement of employees creating vacancies in more senior roles. If there have been no opportunities for promotion, and there do not appear to be any opening up in the future, you may need to consider a move to a different company in order to get the promotion you want.

2. Are you asking for promotion? If you are repeatedly overlooked for promotion, ask yourself whether your managers know that you are hoping for the opportunity to take on more responsibility or progress in your career. Some employees are happy with the role they are comfortable in, and if you are giving this impression, you may need to change your attitude and become more pro-active about gaining a promotion.

3. Do you have the skills? Are you stuck at the level of your current role because you have the skills to carry it out but have not yet developed the skills or obtained the qualifications to progress to the next level? Consider what you can do to further your own development, and discuss further training with your manager if you think this would help.

4. Are you the ideal candidate? In order to secure a promotion, you need to be honest about your own performance. Ensure that you are giving 100% to your current position, and think about the way you come across at work compared with the way you think the perfect candidate for the job would behave.

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