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Does Your CV Beat The 7 Second Rule?

Did you know that a recent study showed that recruiters spend less than seven seconds, on average, reviewing the resume or CV of job applicants? This may be a very frustrating fact, especially given the blood, sweat and tears that can go into creating the perfect CV, but it is the reality of applying for a new job in many industries, and it’s wise to give it some thought.

When your CV stands out, you’re much more likely to make an impact on the recruiter you need to impress. However, it’s essential to make sure it stands out for all the right reasons, since a few simple errors could see it on a fast track to the recycling bin. Follow our tips to ensure that you don’t fail at the first hurdle, and make sure your CV stands the seven second scrutiny.

Make Sure Your CV Stands Out For The Right Reasons:

1.    Standardize. You are aiming to stand out as the most appropriate candidate for the job, but this will not be achieved by using a strange font or wacky layout. Your goal should be a sleek and professional document that is around one A4 page long, and contains your contact information clearly.

2.    Be concise. Seven seconds does not allow for detailed reading or comprehension, so you must aim to be as concise as possible in your application. If you are stating an objective, ensure it is relevant – if it is merely a generic statement, it would be better to remove it from your page. Any unnecessary waffle or wordy-clutter will detract from the original and interesting points in your application, so avoid this at all costs.

3.    Check for errors. If you are applying for several positions, you will almost certainly be using the same pro forma for each application. Don’t be tempted to scrimp on proof reading, but ensure that every time you submit a CV, you have tailored it to the specific position in question. A CV that mentions or references an ideal company that you would like to work for will only be appropriate if it is the company you are applying to in this instance!

4.    Be honest. Inventing experience or qualifications on your CV will secure you a reputation as a dishonest timewaster, and is simply not worth the effort. Record your experience and qualifications as clearly as possible and highlight the most relevant pieces of information in your presentation and layout. Give full details of the levels you have achieved in your academic qualifications, or it may be assumed that you did not complete them.

5.    Focus on relevance. If you are applying for a first or second job, you don’t need to list every part-time role you have undertaken as these will probably not be relevant to your application. Hobbies and activities will only add value to your application if they are related to the skills or experience you require for the position, so concentrate on the sections of your CV that provide clear and concise information about why you are the best person for this role.

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