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Engineering Recruitment Tips

Engineering is an industry in which excellent candidates can really make a big impression. Employers are hungry for the best potential talent, and businesses on all scales are exploring many ways to entice the highest calibre applicants to join their enterprises.

Engineering recruitment tipsIf you’re looking to fill engineering jobs with the very best individuals that the industry has to offer, check our list of suggestions to see if you’re covering all your bases for the most efficient recruitment opportunities.

How to Attract Great Engineering Candidates

1. Use social media as a recruitment tool. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have taken the world by storm and offer a unique tool for business recruitment. It has never before been possible to reach so many potential applicants so cheaply, and using hashtags and relevant images and content will create an on-going recruitment tool that will ensure you can select from the best talent whenever you have a vacancy. This is a great way not only to recruit, but to build your brand and develop your reputation as a serious contender in the engineering industry.

2. Know your industry. What do you want from a potential applicant? Understanding the specific requirements of the industry you are recruiting for and being familiar with every level of the business can allow you to streamline the recruitment process and save wasting time and money trying to find relevant candidates.

3. Use your networks. Don’t miss the valuable opportunity to talk to the team you already have in place, or to well-respected teams that you are in contact with. Some of these individuals may have contacts who are interested in the position you are recruiting for, and statistics show that candidates recruited in this way tend to stay longer and show greater job satisfaction than those recruited without personal referrals.

4. Focus on attracting new professionals. Trade fairs and employment events can be a good opportunity to attract newcomers to your industry, and it can be worthwhile spending some time considering the advertising campaigns that may be most effective in these environments. Focusing your effects on addressing the gender gap within specific sectors, for example, may increase your opportunities to recruit excellent applicants.

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