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Engineer’s Tips: Making Use of Your Commute

In 2016, life for most people in our society is fast paced and leaves little down time to compensate for the busy working schedules we maintain. However, most people also have some sort of commute to their place of work, and this represents a block of time that can make a big difference to our lives if we use it well.

If your journey to work involves a drive or some time on public transport – or even a cycle ride or walk – you may feel frustrated by this ‘waste’ of time each day. We’ve turned the tables on time, though, with these great ideas from Engineers about the most productive ways to make use of your commuting time.

What Do You Do On Your Commute?

1.    Relax. The price many of us pay for a busy work and family life balance is that we rarely get to take time out to really relax our minds and bodies. Relaxation techniques such as slow breathing, visualisations and listening to meditation tracks can all be practised on the bus or train and can be extremely valuable in preparing your mind for the day ahead or releasing the tensions of the day before you arrive home.

2.    Read. In our screen-filled lives, reading often takes a backseat, but many of the Engineers we asked told us that they love to use their commute time to read in order to clear their minds and create a break between their home life and their working day. Reading material varies, but whether you love to lose yourself in fiction or read about your favourite people or places, you’ll really feel the benefit of some reading time in your life. If you’re driving, audio books can be a great option.

3.    Research. Do you leave work feeling that you haven’t finished all you had hoped to get through each day? Using your precious commute time to do some of the research and reading around the subject that is useful to you throughout your work will make a big difference to your knowledge and level of preparedness.

4.    Reflect. Whatever your level of responsibility at work, you’re bound to be taking decisions and making judgement calls that leave you feeling the pressure. Using your journey time, particularly when you’re on your way home, to reflect on the stresses of the day can help you to let them go so that you arrive home feeling calmer and refreshed.

5.    Evaluate. Finally, you may find it useful to consider whether you actually need to be commuting at all. With intelligent technology that connects us across the world, you may feel that you could work more effectively, and with less wasted time, from home.

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