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Essential Questions To Ask Finance Candidates At Interview

When you’re interviewing, the priority is to find the best person for the job. The questions you ask at interview are your best chance to identify the biggest talent and persuade them to join your company, so getting it right as an interviewer is essential. Take the time to read our recommendations and consider changing your interview process to make the most of it for you and for your applicants.

Questions You Should Be Asking During Finance Interviews:

1.    Are you competitive? A competitive nature can be a huge asset in the finance industry, and a candidate who is not competitive may struggle. Sometimes it is obvious that a candidate is a competitive person if he or she takes part in sporting activities, so this can be a good way to open this discussion.

2.    What do you know about us? Asking your candidates to sum up what they know about the company they are interviewing for is a great way to find out about their commitment to the role and their ability to prepare and go for their goals. If the position is important to the candidate, you should expect a good level of research about the company and its ethos.

3.    Are you looking for roles in other industries? If you are seeking an applicant who is committed to and passionate about the finance industry, this question will help you to weed out those who are simply exploring their options.

4.    How do you feel about working long hours? In the finance industry, late nights and unusual working hours may be required. If your candidate has reservations about this, perhaps he or she is not the ideal person for the role.

5.    Where do you want to be in five years? A long-term plan is essential to anyone who is looking to progress within a company, developing skills and ambition. It would be worrying if a candidate had no long term plans, or if these were patchy, so you can use this question to weed out candidates who are not committed to the role, the company or the industry.

6.    What would your previous colleagues say about you? It’s a good idea to ask a question like this and compare the answers with the references provided, to find out how your applicant fitted in to a previous company and what he or she could bring to your role.

7.    What motivates you? This is a big question for any interviewer, offering the opportunity to find out what your candidate is motivated by. Simply wanting to make money is not indicative of a commitment to the industry or the company in question.

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