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Financial Accounting Career Options in Ireland

If you’re considering a career in financial accounting read on for a run down on the different career options available to you in Ireland. Financial Accounting professionals hold key roles within organisations of all sizes and types, and aligning your career plans with your interests can help you to narrow down your pathway.

Here in Ireland, we are fortunate to be experiencing high demand for top quality professionals in many areas. Because Ireland is an international hub of businesses, from start ups to worldwide corporations, there are exciting positions available for excellent Financial Accounting professionals across many industries.

What Could Your Career in Financial Accounting Look Like?

 Financial Accounting Professionals take on a very important position within their organisation, and are responsible for the public reporting of the company’s financial status. They communicate key financial information to senior leaders, and collect and prepare data about the company to forecast future trends. financial accounting career options ireland

 Specialisations within Financial Accounting could include: 

  • Financial Analyst. If your expertise or interest lies in bonds and stocks, you may find that a role as a Financial Analyst or Portfolio Manager is ideal for you. You will assess investment performance, advise on future decisions and have a broad awareness of the general and specific factors that affect these decisions when making predictions.
  • Financial Controller. A Financial Controller will oversee accounting functions within an organisation, establish internal accounting policies and procedures, and manage a team that creates reports and ensures compliance with tax requirements. These positions may be available in government agencies and nonprofit organisations as well as private businesses.
  • Financial Accountant. A Financial Accountant will work within an accounting or financial team, helping to manage and predict investments and financial practices. This role involves preparing regular financial statements, and offers opportunities to develop experience in auditing and budgeting.
  • Financial Manager. A Financial Manager will be responsible for maintaining the general ledger of assets and liabilities, profits and losses, and managing teams to create reports and projections. Communication skills are key here, and a comprehensive understanding of financial laws and regulations is crucial.

All of these career options will require a good level of expertise across several industry standards, including the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Specific skills and experience will apply to all careers in financial accounting, and you should take advice on the pre-requisites for any pathway that you are interested in pursuing.

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