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Government announce plans to create 25k jobs in Agri-food, tech and innovation in mid-east

Government announce plans to create 25k jobs in Agri-food, tech and innovation in mid-eastThe Government has announced details of a jobs strategy it says will create 25,000 new posts in the mid-east region.

The new jobs are being targeted in vital areas like agri-food, tech manufacturing, digital media, renewable energy and the equine in counties in Ireland’s Mid-East region including Meath, Kildare, Louth and Wicklow.

The proposal aims to deliver 10-15 per cent employment growth in Meath, Kildare and Wicklow over the coming years. It is the seventh of eight regional jobs plans to be published over the coming months, as part of a new €250million jobs strategy.

Following the economic crash employment in the Mid-East region has returned to growth with 14,500 extra people at work in the last two years, up 6.7pc.

During the worst years of the crash 2008-2011, some 31,900 jobs had been launched in the region.

“Proximity to Dublin is both a strength and a potential weakness in a unique way for the Mid-East region”

– Richard Bruton, Minister for Enterprise

The Government said levels of employment growth actually achieved will depend on factors including the level of support and collaboration within the local community for the plan, and the level of collaboration between organisations in the region and the main Government bodies involved.

“The Government’s job targets for the Mid East are looking very encouraging. In particular, the strong emphasis on major indigenous sectors such as Agri/Food and the Equine sector”

– Brian Flyn (Executive Search, CareerWise Recruitment)

Key sectors targeted include high tech-manufacturing, agri-food, tourism, renewable energy, the equine industry and the film/creative content industry.

As part of the plan, the Government said it would achieve an increase of at least 25 per cent in the number of start-ups in the region, and a 25 per cent improvement in the survival rate of new businesses.

In terms of foreign investment, it said it would increase the number of IDA investments in the region by 30-40 per cent up to 2019 through actions including appointing a dedicated regional manager for the mid-east.

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