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Hiring A Specialist: Getting It Right

Demand is high for specialists in many fields, and if you’re looking for a candidate who is head and shoulders above the rest, you’ll be in competition for someone who is highly sought after. Skills gaps and a general lack of highly qualified experts in specific areas mean that many companies are struggling to find adequately skilled workers for their positions.

Regardless of the industry you are in, if you’re searching for a specialist to fill a vacant position, you will want the very best individual for the job. Here at CareerWise, we work closely with companies and candidates to find the best partnerships.

Recruiting For A Specialist Role:

1.    Spread the word. It’s important to talk to others in your field, especially those with the specialist knowledge you are seeking, so that you can connect with the best talent in the industry. If someone is interested in your position, they may be tempted away from their current role, and when word spreads amongst professional networks you may find that your recruitment pool becomes more promising.

2.    Use social media. Sites that aim to connect professionals, such as LinkedIn, may be a very effective way to make connections with specialists in the area you are recruiting in. This is a simple and speedy way to filter out people who do not have the skills you require, and it may also lead to other recommendations.

3.    Work with a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency such as CareerWise offers you a way to streamline your recruitment process, by identifying exactly what you are seeking and connecting you with the best people for the job. We pride ourselves on knowing your business well, so we can find the perfect match every time.

4.    Pay attention to the way you interview. When you’re looking for a highly qualified specialist to join your team, it will pay to really consider what you are hoping for. If you want someone who will fit into an established team, then personality will be important and you will need to interview in a manner that allows you to get to know your candidates. If, however, you need a specialist who will work on his or her own, you will wish to pay more attention to the skillset and experience that is relevant to this level of responsibility.

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CareerWise is Ireland’s leading specialist Technical and Executive Recruitment firm, specialising in the Medical Device, Sciences/Pharma and ICT industries. We work closely with candidates and businesses across the Engineering, Supply Chain and Finance sectors, and we strive to match every candidate with a suitable position.

For challenging accounting roles across Cork, Galway and Limerick, call us at CareerWise on +353 (0) 21 206 1900 for a consultation, or contact us online today.


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