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How Does Big Data Influence the Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Management word cloud, business conceptThe digital environment in which we live involves the collection of incredible amounts of data across many industries during every second of every day. This creates an unprecedented amount of ‘big data’, which can be used by businesses across the globe to revolutionise their practice, and will be ignored at their peril.

Digital technology allows the consumer more access to the production and purchasing process than ever before, and this results in a supply chain that is increasingly complex and requires a more specific skillset from all employees involved.

How Does the Supply Chain Change as a Result of Big Data?

1.    More visibility. Big data makes it possible for consumers to track potential orders and products at all stages of the processing and purchasing process, creating an increased need for visibility throughout the supply chain in order to anticipate and react to delays, errors and potential profit risks.

2.    Potential for customer loyalty. Individuals are now experiencing a new engagement with the supply chain, which has created new opportunities for customer service and interaction. As a direct effect of big data, many more companies are attempting to create an audience through brand optimisation and to develop customer loyalty within a competitive and changing market.

3.    New technologies. Big data is already being used very effectively to reduce or eliminate risks within the supply chain. Issues such as problems with transportation or manufacturing can be addressed via similar technology to problems caused by natural disasters, for instance, and this can help to stabilise the supply chain and reduce risk overall.

Experts warn that the introduction of big data to the supply chain is not without risk or potential problems, and caution against the unstructured nature of the technology. However, it appears to be a positive force within the industries it is transforming, and is ultimately promising lower risks and more stability within the supply chain, which can only be a positive outcome on every level.

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