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How Long Does The Recruitment Process Take?

RecruitmentAs an employer, you may feel the pressure to fill vacancies as fast as possible. But there are various stumbling blocks that can extend recruitment time, and add to the complications of finding the perfect candidate for the role. At Careerwise, we work with recruiters to make the operation run as smoothly as possible. Here is our guide to the length of the recruitment process, and some expert advice on how to keep it swift and efficient.

Timetable Interviews In Advance

In the rush to advertise a position and start reviewing applicants, setting interview dates can slide to the bottom of the To Do list. But if you are halfway through recruitment before you’ve pinned down the interview timetable, you may find that managers and others key to the decision process are unavailable when you need them. With this slow start, by the time you progress to second and third rounds, candidates could assume a lack of enthusiasm and drop out, or be snapped up elsewhere.

By contrast, if you set the interview dates before you even begin advertising the job, you can remain focused and work to a set timetable. You will be able to tell applicants when interviews are during your first exchange with them, signalling strength of purpose and intent to hire. Clear communication is fundamental here, and smart organisation can ensure that you are able to employ the pick of the applicants.

Consider Notice Periods

As well as interviews, notice periods must be taken into account. The more senior the role, the longer the notice period is likely to be; costing you yet more time before you can get your business energised with the right people. These delays can be frustrating, but once again, a pro-active approach can save you a lot of hassle. If you know a role will need to be filled, act as soon as possible. Don’t under value your staff – most companies don’t realise how integral each employee is until they are not there!

Create A Recruitment Framework

A well organised company should have a clear recruitment strategy in place. Make it clear who will need to attend interviews, and who will have a part in the decision making process. If you hold an interview, but a manager doesn’t attend who it later transpires needs to have a say, you could end up repeatedly calling applicants back for further rounds. This can become very off putting for jobseekers; and the best potential employees may well find roles elsewhere with companies who are speeding through a well organised recruitment process. A clear recruitment strategy can avoid this situation. Know from the beginning who needs to attend each meeting, and what questions need to be asked of candidates. Selection criteria should be established and agreed between all those making the decision.

Know Your Company And Its Needs

Losing a valued employee can be a stressful time, and most react by immediately trying to find someone to replace them. But it is worth taking a moment to reflect on who and what your company really needs. Is it a truly essential role, or would it be better to find a replacement who could also fulfil an additional skill set? Perhaps your company has evolved since you recruited the employee who has left, and therefore perhaps your needs have changed. Or the initial role may have expanded, and two people may now be needed. This is especially worth bearing in mind if you have any questions as to why your previous employee left – was the workload too high, or did you require tasks outside the original job description? There may also be people already working for you, who have an existing insight into the role. With a promotion or move of office, they could mean you can avoid the external recruitment process altogether.

Although the recruitment process can seem arduous, a little forward planning and organisation can make it run smoothly. Here at CareerWise we are experts in helping employers find the right people for the job, swiftly and efficiently.


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