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How To Be The Best Software Engineer You Can Be

software engineerFinding the right career is not always easy, and even if you love what you do, it can be hard to feel that you’ve really found your niche. Here at CareerWise, we believe everyone should pursue the very best opportunities throughout their careers, and challenging yourself to be the best that you can be is relevant across all disciplines. 

Developing your Career as a Software Engineer

Becoming the best you can be is a great goal, whatever your field of expertise. Here at CareerWise, we advise you to look at the roles you are aiming for and be specific about the skills and experience you need to get you there. For example, the following are all vital factors on the path to success as a Software Engineer: 

  1. Put yourself out there. Software Engineers are often reluctant to put themselves in the limelight, but you will need to put yourself forward if you want to be the best you can be. Take opportunities to speak up and get involved, and don’t be afraid to become known as an enthusiastic expert in your field.
  1. Build a portfolio. Developing a presence online is an important way to increase your career opportunities and your future employability. You should be working to create an online portfolio that correlates with the skills on your CV, using such platforms as GitHub, Stackoverflow and Twitter, for example.
  1. Share your passion. Presumably, you want to become a Software Engineer, or a better Software Engineer, because you are passionate about coding. To really excel in your field, you’ll need to let that passion shine through and focus on doing what you love. 
  1. Don’t neglect your problem solving skills. Problem solving is a key skill area for Software Engineers and there are some excellent online tools to ensure that you do not fall behind in this. HackerRank is a useful resource, and will allow you to stay current with algorithms and data-structures.
  1. Think about your options. Considering what the future holds is advisable in any career, and you may find that becoming a Software Architect is an option that is open to you if you are successful as a Developer. Think carefully about whether this is what you want, as it is likely to involve a lot less code and a lot more time spent in other areas. If you do decide on this route, try to keep up to date with coding and the developments in this field, so that you have more options open to you in the future.

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