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How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency

For most people, step one in their job hunt is to select a recruitment agency to work with. But the services provided can vary widely, and it is important to know what you are looking for, in order to achieve the best results. At CareerWise, our specialist team of recruiters have been experts in their industry since 1999. We pride ourselves on connecting the very best talent with the ideal job, every time. Here is our guide to how to choose the best recruitment agency.

Why is it important to choose the right recruitment agency?

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Whether you are searching for a role, or you are an employer looking for talent, it is vital to work with the right recruitment agency. Finding a team who are experts at connecting people in your industry can take a lot of the leg work out of the recruitment process. For both employers and employees, job hunts can be time consuming and expensive. The right agency can reduce time and therefore costs, as they are likely to have a pool of highly suitable candidates and connections at all the relevant employers in the field. Working with people who can most swiftly and efficiently help you fill vacancies or find a new job is the best way to solve your recruitment problems.


  1. Know what you are searching for

Give as much information as you can when you meet with recruiters, to let them know exactly the kind of role / talent you are hoping to find. Job hunters should bear in mind the many different facets of a job – salary expectations, commute – alongside the actual job title. Employers should try and give a sense of company culture and values they hold high, as well as the specific skills required. Once you are sure what you are searching for, it should be easier to identify the recruiters who can best help.


  1. Be proactive

Don’t assume that, having registered with a recruiter, your work is done. Keep in regular contact with your recruitment teams – show them you are enthusiastic, and want to be kept informed. Only work with an agency that responds well to this approach.


  1. Specialise

The best recruitment agencies will have specific areas of expertise. It makes sense to sign up with the agencies that work in your own area of specialism. Rather than a general jobs website, a specialist will understand the particular requirements of your field, and have a much better chance of matching you with your perfect role.


  1. Expect expert advice

A great recruitment agency should be keen to make your job search as successful as possible. They should offer to help you tailor your CV for each application, giving you valuable perspective on how your skills can be best matched to a prospective employer’s needs. Or, if you are an employer looking to recruit, they should be knowledgeable enough about your needs to represent your brand to their talent pool.


  1. Can they offer insider knowledge?

From long experience working with your chosen industry, your recruitment agency may well be able to give you some insider knowledge. Perhaps they will know of new companies that need your particular skill set; or a position that hasn’t yet been advertised that will shortly become vacant. A strong network leading to these kinds of tips can be a sign of a really great recruitment agency. For employers, they will already have a strong talent pool to draw on. Familiarity with your company culture and specific needs should allow them to recruit for you swiftly and efficiently.


  1. Check their experience

Finally, when searching for the right agency, it’s worth doing your homework. Look at reviews from past clients, and note how long the agency has been in business – are they genuinely experienced?

Working with the right recruitment agency for your needs can be game-changing. Whether you have positions you need to fill, or are looking for a job, taking the time to find the right recruiter can transform a lengthy and stressful process into something calm, swift, and efficient.


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