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How To Write A Winning CV: Accounting Roles

To secure a job in any industry, you’ll need to ensure that you have a great CV that gives recruiters and potential employers a positive first impression of the skills you can bring to their business. For accounting roles, you’ll need to present specific and relevant information so that anyone who reads your CV immediately understands that you would be an excellent candidate for the position you are applying for.

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Writing a CV is not rocket science, and you should remember that basic rules such as checking spelling and grammar are crucially important. Making your application stand out from the crowd, however, can be simple when you follow our essential guide to writing a winning CV for a role in accounting.


How To Write A Great CV For An Accounting Role


Here at CareerWise, we love matching the right candidate with the right job. We know what a great CV looks like, and here are our top tips on what to include:


  1. Personal details. Your CV should begin with the basics, including your name and contact details, including full address, telephone number and email address. These should be set out clearly, in a standard font, and should not be confused with any unnecessary information such as your date of birth or a photograph. Employers are not allowed to discriminate on these grounds, and it is not a sign of a professional application to include these details.


  1. Statement. Each CV a recruiter or employer reads will be in their hands for a matter of minutes – or seconds if it doesn’t hold their interest! This section is your opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you would be a good fit for the position you are applying for. It should be short, concise and relevant, and encourage readers to want to know more about you.


  1. Key skills. This section is important in an application for an accounting role, and you should demonstrate analytical skills, communication skills and IT skills, as well as any specific skills that apply to the position you are applying for. Use the job description to match your skillset to the role you want.


  1. Previous employment and qualifications. Don’t simply list every job you’ve had in chronological order, but think carefully about positions you have held that have given you relevant experience and skills. Your qualifications will show your expertise, so include your AAT, ACCA, CIMA or ACA qualification, and other certificates and qualifications you have taken within your field.


  1. Interests. This isn’t going to be the deal breaking section of your CV, and many people do not bother to include it, but it can be a good opportunity to add some colour to the impression you have already given in a professional capacity. Things, like being committed to a volunteering group or participating in a team sport, can flag up valuable skills you possess, and a unique hobby such as skydiving or marathon running can give an indication of your attitude and determination.

Of course, you’ll need to include the details of two referees, unless otherwise specified, and these should be contacts who know you in a professional capacity. Check that your referees are happy to perform this role for you, and provide their contact details and job titles as requested.


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