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How To Write Your Accountancy CV

When you’re applying for a job, you’ll want to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd, and it’s always good to know exactly what your potential employers will be looking for. When you’re writing an accountancy CV, it can help to consider the following points, so that you can impress the recruiters or HR professionals and secure an interview for the position you want.

business financial chart and graphy report display in mobile devBasic pointers apply to all CV writing, so you’ll need to find the format that suits you and ensure that the style and font you use are standardised. When it comes to content, though, it can help to consider exactly what the experts are looking for, and when you’re applying for an accountancy position, the following can be helpful.

What to Include on Your Accountancy CV

1. Personal profile. When you’re trying to make an impact, you only have a few seconds to put across the most positive impression of yourself. Your personal profile should be a short summary of what you are offering your potential employer, highlighting the most important skills and experience that you bring to the role.

2. Qualifications. When you’re looking for a professional role, your qualifications and certificates are important. Include full details of all relevant qualifications and where you obtained them, including the full contact details and dates for each institution.

3. Experience. Your experience will be crucial information for a position in accountancy, and you should specify how long you have been in your previous roles, and exactly what your responsibilities were for each. Experience should be listed from most recent, and you should highlight projects you have run, as well as occasions when you have improved processes, cut costs or exceeded expectations.

4. IT and software skills. An accountancy position calls for specific skills, and your knowledge of a certain system could be a major asset for an employer. Highlight the systems exposure you have had, and make it very clear if you have particular expertise in any technical area.

5. Skills and hobbies. It’s important to present yourself as a well-rounded applicant, but don’t mention anything that makes you sound like an undesirable employee, such as your talent for drinking your friends under the table! Skills that are useful within your employment, such as language fluency, for example, can be mentioned here but may also fit well in a more professional section of your CV.

6. Don’t forget presentation! Errors in your spelling and grammar will look highly unprofessional, and a sloppy CV will put your reader off before you get through the door. Your commitment to creating a great CV reflects the commitment you’ll put into the job, so it’s well worth going all out to impress.

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