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I Love My Job But Hate My Boss…

Angry bossMany people work every day in roles they love, while struggling to deal with bosses they can’t stand. This can be a very difficult situation, and can ultimately lead to leaving a job that is otherwise perfect. Taking steps to resolve the problem before it has a negative impact on your career does not have to be stressful, and may make your working life much more pleasant.

It can feel awkward or unpleasant to raise an issue concerning your superior at work, but it’s important to remember that others may be experiencing the same problems as you, and speaking out may make things better for everyone. See if you identify with any of the following, and consider taking steps to improve the situation today.

I’m Having Problems With My Boss!

  1. Are you too similar? Maybe there are certain qualities that you share with your boss, making you an incompatible combination. If you are irritated by some of the behaviours or habits of your boss, look honestly at whether you, yourself, are reflecting those same traits. Understanding this situation can help you to find creative ways to address it and move forwards more positively.
  2. Does your boss lack managerial skills? Leadership skills are specific and vital, and some of the people in management do not naturally possess these. It could be that your boss is struggling with being in command, and this may be a situation that requires CPD or a re- shuffle within the team structure.
  3. Is it a communication problem? Sometimes it can be difficult for two people to communicate well together, and this need not be the fault of either. If you are having communication problems, you may find that an open discussion helps in your situation, or you may need to seek advice from the next level of management. Further training, specifically in communications, should be available to you and to your boss if this is applicable.
  4. Are you showing how valuable you are? It may be that your boss simply doesn’t realise that you are doing your job efficiently, and it may help to be more explicit about your achievements and the effort you are putting in to meet targets, deadlines and expectations. It’s important to maintain your professionalism even if you end up seeking a position elsewhere, as you will require a good reference from your existing company and engaging in unprofessional or rude behaviour will not look good.
  5. Have you sought help with the situation? If you do not seek help when you are having problems with your boss, the situation is unlikely to improve. Check out the management structure within your company and find out who you can speak to about your concerns with your boss. Some businesses have an appraisal system which would be the correct route to raise concerns through, or a debriefing set up which allows you to raise concerns via a third party.

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