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Important Interview Tips For Success

Careerwise Interview TipsAn interview is a crucial stage in applying for a new job, and in most cases, it will be your interviewer who decides whether or not you are right for the position. For this reason, it’s vital to think carefully about the interview process and how you can make the most of it. Our quick guide to interview success may help you to polish up your techniques and prepare yourself for the best interview of your life.

How To Succeed At Interview

1.    Prepare yourself. The prospect of an interview can be overwhelming, and it’s impossible to know exactly what will happen on the day, but preparing yourself beforehand is the best way to increase your likelihood of success. Finding out as much as possible about the company you are interviewing for is very important, and if you can research your interviewer too, this will be helpful to you. Connecting with the ethos of the business is a factor that will be key to the way in which you come across to your interviewer, so be sure to take the time to find out about it!

2.    Take it seriously. Don’t be over confident, but don’t see yourself as unlikely to get the job, either. If you’ve secured an interview, it’s likely that your application has impressed the recruiting team and that you have something to offer the business, so cultivate your approach as a capable and strong candidate and ensure you make the most of the opportunity to shine.

3.    Be yourself. Stock answers that you think an interviewer wants to hear are, most often, unoriginal and generic. They don’t tell an employer anything about you as an individual, or about the unique talents that you can bring to the business. Take your interview questions as an opportunity to express yourself as well as you can, letting your individuality shine through and making sure your answers stand out for all the right reasons.

4.    Be honest. Making a good impression does not mean inventing positive stories or embellishing your prior experience. Stick to the truth, and do not risk being seen as a dishonest or unreliable person by saying anything that could later be uncovered as false. Integrity and honesty are factors that are highly valued by interviewers, so don’t be tempted to be anything other than truthful.

5.    Ask questions. An interview is not an inquisition. Make the most of the opportunity to ask questions of your interviewer and to find out what the business has to offer you. You will almost certainly be given the chance to ask questions as a part of the interview process, so it can help to come up with some ideas beforehand to ensure that you are clear on all aspects of the job you are interviewing for, in order to inform your decision if you are offered the job.

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