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In House Recruitment vs Recruitment Agencies

Waiting in the queue for job interviewAs a leading recruitment agency, we love our independent position that allows us to produce the best outcomes for the individuals and the businesses we work with. However, we know that there are pros and cons to every situation, and we often work alongside in-house recruiters who, while performing a similar role, operate under a different set of parameters to recruitment agencies.

Here at CareerWise, we work with candidates seeking new jobs, and we work with businesses to find the perfect applicants for their vacancies. Many of our recruiters have experience of in-house recruitment, and many of the in-house recruiters we meet have previously worked in recruitment agencies. We’ve been pondering the complexities of each recruitment environment, and looking at what candidates can do to get the best of both worlds.

What’s The Difference Between In-House And Agency Recruitment?

  1. Different loyalties and connections. In-house recruiters are, by nature, closely allied to the company they are employed by and must work within a team of HR professionals and specialists in this industry. This will increase their specific knowledge, but may be limiting in terms of time and variety. Recruitment agencies are not tied to a specific industry, which allows for more flexibility and freedom but may reduce the level of industry knowledge they can obtain for every position.
  1. Different restrictions on time. While a recruitment agency may be restricted by the breadth and volume of candidates and businesses it deals with, in-house recruitment teams may struggle with the lack of time to devote to finding appropriate applicants, since they may be under pressure to perform in other areas, such as training or succession planning.
  1. Comparable challenges. Both recruitment environments are under pressure to find the best candidate for each vacancy that arises, and both may make the most of networking events to build their list of potential applicants effectively. However, there is often a sense of suspicion between the two types of recruiters, and, in our experience, this can cause an unhealthy atmosphere for everyone, adding to the pressure of the job.

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