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Ireland and her Diaspora, reasons to come home!

A St. Patrick’s Day Greeting To Our DisaporaWhen the Irish economy crashed, many people had no option but to pursue their careers overseas.

More than 300,000 Irish people left the country in the last nine years, and while some would have departed regardless of the economic circumstances here, the drastic rise after the crash in 2008 provides unequivocal proof that the majority were “recession emigrants”.

For most people, the main issue with returning home is the availability of employment. Many of those individuals are now happily settled into new careers overseas, but with the Irish economy getting back on track, employers here are hoping to tempt some back for good.

Unemployment rates have been dropping steadily since they peaked at around 15 per cent in 2012 (to 8.3 per cent in July, according to the CSO) and with thousands of talented Irish people scattered across the globe, this is an optimum time to apply the skills acquired abroad in a more flourishing Ireland.

Why should you come home?

A St. Patrick’s Day Greeting To Our DisaporaThere are many reasons to come home to Ireland; Family & Friends, Barry’s Tea, Tayto Crisps, Cadbury’s Chocolate and your Mammy’s Soda Bread, but what about your career opportunities?

We at CareerWise are seeing an increase in opportunities across a number of sectors. Areas that have become particularly lucrative in Ireland are Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Food and FMCG Manufacturing and Production. Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries require a large amount of process engineers, project engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, maintenance engineers and engineering managers.

In the ongoing “war for talent”, skills shortages are encouraging employers to look overseas for workers and demand is buoyant across many sectors.

We are beginnning to see an increase in salaries across a range of sectors and experience abroad is highly sought after by our clients.

Contracting opportunities

Contracting can allow people to secure an income on a flexible basis while adjusting to life back in Ireland.

Individuals that require freedom and flexibility in their work environment are ideally suited for working on contractual basis. The contract system provides ambitious individuals opportunities to explore new employment prospects and experiences.

The benefits enjoyed by permanent employees can also be enjoyed by contractors. The key benefits as mentioned earlier can all be set up by a contractor and any good accountant can offer advice on setting these up.

Of course, what is right for one person varies to the next and the decision is based on a number of factors, from personal circumstance through to individual psychology.

We at CareerWise have an extensive list of both contracting and permanent positions available. If you would like to view our contracting opportunities click here and if you would like to view our permanent opportunities click here.

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