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Is The Future All About BioPharma?

Careerwise Pharmaceutical jobsBiopharmaceutical companies are a huge part of the science industry, delivering medical products that are extracted from, semi-synthesized from or manufactured in biological sources. This differs from traditional pharmaceuticals, which are manufactured through chemical synthesis. Biopharma is vital to the medical industry, and provides many jobs across Ireland, so it’s important to recognise the role that it plays in our modern lives.

Biopharmaceuticals are developed in a variety of institutes, including academic and industrial laboratories, and the commercial processes that follow drug testing can be subject to funding from pharmaceutical companies or businesses. There are many levels of personnel involved across each phase of development for most biopharmaceutical products, so the industry is an excellent source of employment for millions of scientists and medical specialists at this time.

What Do You Know About BioPharma in Ireland?

Whether you are an experienced biochemist, or are considering following a career pathway in this industry, it’s important to have an understanding of the way in which the biopharma industry operates in Ireland. Many people do not know that:

1.    Biopharma is a great contributor to the world of medicine. Biopharmaceuticals play a vital role in treating many devastating medical conditions, including cancer and diseases of the immune system. Many drugs that are available in hospitals and pharmacies today are developed using biopharmaceutical processes.

2.    There are several different roles within the biopharma industry. There are varied and challenging positions in every sector of the biopharmaceutical industry, from engineers to microbiologists, as well as process scientists and analysts. This is good news for specialists in these fields, since their expertise is usually transferrable to many areas and is often in demand across several sectors.

3.    Biopharma is crucial to the Irish economy. The biopharmaceutical industry is important to the Irish economy, especially in the Cork and Dublin areas, which have invested in development in this sector and provide employment to many scientists from across the country.

4.    Ireland produces excellent biopharmacists! Many biopharmaceutical multi-nationals have made Ireland their base, and this is largely due to the fantastic quality of highly educated personnel available to them here. We are proud to be a recruitment agency that specializes in linking up these talented individuals with the most challenging roles in the industry.

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