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Is Your Corporate Culture Serving Your Business?

How does your corporate culture contribute to job satisfaction for your employees? Many businesses have neglected corporate culture for years, assuming that the environment within their business is not something that they can or should influence. However, research shows that businesses that invest in creating a positive and productive environment get a much better return on their investment in staff in terms of loyalty, productivity and retention.

The employment market is in growth in many sectors, and employees are becoming increasingly mobile with rapid increases in opportunities to work remotely and embrace flexible contracts. It is more important than ever before to create an environment that employees want to work within, and to invest more in the factors that encourage staff to invest themselves in your business too.

How To Change Your Corporate Culture

Make it matter. All employees within a business should be aware of why their role matters, and see themselves as a vital part of the chain of success. You should have a well structured system of feedback and review in order to ensure that no-one feels that their contribution is irrelevant.

Make progress possible. A positive business environment creates space for every team member to progress, and helps to develop their aspirations and plans. Ensuring that you have a continuing development programme that enables staff to move forwards within their roles should be a central part of a supportive and nurturing business.

Build relationships. Connections with others in the workplace are a big incentive for employees to remain in their job, and fostering these connections is an excellent way to develop positivity amongst your team. Creating opportunities to build these relationships can mean incorporating staff development days into your planning, or can be more informal, such as getting a five-a-side football team together during lunch breaks.

Trust employees to succeed. A successful business is made possible by a successful team, and you will have developed your talented workforce as part of a strategic hiring process. Failing to trust your employees to take responsibility for their roles can create frustration and stagnation, both of which are highly problematic for your business and your staff retention. Ensure that each team member takes control of his or her own role, and be aware that everyone needs new challenges in order to flourish.

Recognise expertise. If you want to maximise the potential of your business at every level, you should be making the most of the expertise that your team members have developed. Everyone, whatever their position within the business, should feel that their contribution is recognised and included in future strategy, and should feel valued for the expert knowledge they possess in their field.

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