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Key SME Characteristics That Can Potentially Deliver Your Dream Job

Key SME Characteristics That Can Potentially Deliver Your Dream JobAs the economy continues to recover and more jobs are being created we in Careerwise continue to see increased activity with a reported 38% of SME’S surveyed expecting to increase staff during 2016. 

While the focus in the media is understandably on the big ticket multinational announcements it should be remembered that 68% of private sector employees work within the SME sector.

So if you’re looking for a career move – what can employment with a SME offer?

Key SME Characteristics That Can Potentially Deliver Your Dream Job

Article by Diarmuid Buckley (Senior Recruitment Consultant)

The size and presence of a company has an immense bearing on its culture as well as on the opportunities available for employees. It is a crucial factor to consider when deciding which job offer to take. Deciding whether to work for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) or a larger Multi-National Company (MNC) depends a lot on your personal career goals and preferences.

By definition – SME’s employ 200 people or less – majority would be between 10 -50 employees. While the prestige of working for an instantly recognisable house hold name and the benefits package associated with employment within the multinational sector can often be very attractive- working for an SME organisation can also offer many benefits and development opportunities:

  • Gain valuable experience through exposure to all aspects of the business.
  • Allowing you the opportunity to identify where your strengths lie through cross functional exposure and realising what you do can make a real and immediate difference.
  • Less bureaucratic and formal than a large company, this in turn creates more opportunities to be innovative and creative and make your voice heard.
  • By their nature SME’S  enable you to develop relationships and build network at all levels of the organisation from shop floor to senior management.
  • Satisfaction of been close to the customer and other stakeholders.
  • Typically a SME would have less rigid barriers to implement change or moving career within the organisation so your career path is often in your control.

So while considering your next career move it is worth while taking time to understand what is important for you in a role.
While working for a large multinational organisation can offer fantastic opportunities in terms of training and development/ opportunities to work overseas etc. we would also encourage candidates – particularly those who have recently graduated or looking to return from overseas not to pass over SME sectors potential to deliver that dream job.



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