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Lying At An Interview: The Telltale Signs

An interview is an opportunity to impress a potential employer with experience and charisma, and to prove that the job in question would be ideally suited to the candidate. However, when you are interviewing for a position, it is often very helpful to know what to look out for, just in case all is not as it seems.

"Everything on your resume is true, right?"In a competitive job market, and when there is a skills shortage across many professional industries, it is often difficult to select interviewees from large numbers of applicants, and it can be difficult to really get to know someone during the short period of an interview. Finding the right person for the job relies on all interviewees being honest and reliable when attempting to prove their suitability for the position, so that you can assess their potential to fulfil the role.

Why Do People Lie At Interview?

A job interview is very important, and can often make people feel very nervous or under pressure. If someone is desperate to impress, he or she may be tempted to exaggerate or embellish to sound more suitable for the position. Confidence and a desire to succeed are valuable assets, but if you are being lied to about the experience and skills your interviewee has mastered, you may be at risk of filling a position with a candidate who is not really up to the job.

How To Spot a Liar: Five Telltale Signs That You Are Being Lied To

1.    Unusual Presentation. Does the person you are interviewing have the level of confidence that you would expect for the position they are being interviewed for? If you are interviewing for a manager, and the person in front of you is nervous, jittery, dressed in too casual a manner or unsure of the terminology appropriate for this type of role, this could be a warning sign that things are not quite what they seem.

2.    Difficulty recalling details. When an interviewee is discussing previous projects and offering examples of his or her experience, you can often gauge the truthfulness of the information by delving for details. Ask how many people were involved in a previous project, or question the statistical success or outcome. If an interviewee claims to have led a project but cannot answer detailed questions, alarm bells should ring for you.

3.    Repetition. If someone is trying to convince you – and themselves – that they have the relevant experience or skill to take a position, they may repeat themselves in an attempt to justify this. Repetition allows the speaker to take the time to gather their thoughts and think through the story they are telling.

4.    Difficulty speaking. When someone is lying, they become stressed and this dries the mouth. Speech becomes more difficult, and you may also notice lip biting or pursing, or covering the mouth with the hands, in an attempt to close off communication about a difficult subject that they have not been entirely honest about.

5.    Giveaway body language. There are many signs that an individual is not telling the truth, and many of these are physical. Staying very still, and breathing heavily can indicate dishonesty, as can sudden head movements or foot shuffling. Of course, interview nerves may make the most honest candidate appear awkward at first, but this should quickly settle as he or she becomes more comfortable in your presence.

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