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Making The Move From Practice To Industry

Moving from accounting practice to industry is common, but you may be surprised by how frequently the move is made in reverse, as employees return to practice again, often within the first year. The reasons for this can be diverse, but here at CareerWise Recruitment Agency, we advise considering a potential move very carefully to avoid making a stressful and costly mistake.

Accounting JobsWeighing up where you are in your career and considering where you would like to be in the near future is the best way to begin thinking about making a move into or away from industry. Talking to a recruitment agency in your area is the best way to find out about potential new positions and to discover whether or not there is a demand for professionals in the sort of job you seek.

If You’re Considering Moving From Practice to Industry:

When you’re considering making any sort of change to your employment, you will want to be sure that you have thought through the details carefully. We advise that you address the following issues to get to the root of your reasons for seeking a change and to find out how you can make this a successful move.

1.    Why do you want a new job? You should think very carefully about your dissatisfaction with your current position and consider the reasons for desiring a change. If you are keen to take on more responsibility, for example, you could consider a different role in your current practice, rather than a move into industry.

2.    Do you want to learn new skills? A move into industry can be very demanding, and often involves learning alongside working. If you are considering moving into industry, think about how much extra training you are prepared to undertake and be sure to check whether positions you are interested in are compatible with this.

3.    What do you want to do? There is a huge variety within accounting positions in industry, which involve different levels of responsibility and practical application depending upon the size of the company and the data you are working with. If there is an area that you are particularly keen to experience, take the time to ensure that the roles you are considering will provide you with opportunities in this area.

4.    What sorts of jobs are available? If you are planning a significant career change, it’s important to talk things through with someone who will understand the process you will need to follow as well as the implications this will have for you. Visit a recruitment agency such as CareerWise, where you will be able to discuss your experience and your plans, and find vacancies that may suit you.

Accounting Jobs in Limerick: Find a New Career With CareerWise

If your searching  for accounting jobs in Cork, Limerick or Galway a professional recruitment agency can help you to access the best job opportunities when you’re considering a move or a change of career. CareerWise is Ireland’s leading specialist recruitment firm, and our friendly team are on hand to help you to find accounting positions as well as many other professional opportunities. Contact us online now or call us on +353 (0) 21 206 1900 to arrange a consultation

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