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 Happy Valentines Day

Match Made in Heaven

Things had been slack, “if you know what I mean”!

Not much was happening, on the internet scene

I’d been scrolling the papers, morning & night

Everything I saw was simply ‘”unsuitable 


I started to wilt, I was giving up hope

My heart couldn’t take it, it was struggling to cope

It’s a daunting experience; your ego takes a beating

Not even the chance of a face to face meeting


Then as quick as a flash, the mirage did appear 

They were looking for professionals, and here’s me, an engineer 

I proceeded with excitement, with bated anticipation 

Nothing could prepare me, for the job I saw waiting


It was all that I wanted, my heart skipped a beat

When I looked at the requirements, I jumped off my seat

The location was better, the icing on the cake

A match made in heaven ‘there was no mistake’


CareerWise played match maker, set us both up for life

For me and my children, and my wonderful wife

The job that I wanted, was no longer a dream

Search CareerWise Recruitment, and you’ll see what I mean 


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