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Medical Device Jobs Galway

Medical Device Jobs Galway

As a fundamental component of modern medicine, medical devices are at the heart of an important industry that offers a huge array of opportunities for those seeking a fulfilling career. Medical devices are defined as any instrument or machine that is used on human beings for a medical purpose. This covers a large field of specialized equipment, as medical devices are used in contexts from diagnosis to treatment, to track patient data, or as ongoing medical interventions such as contraception.

Within the medical device field there are a huge variety of jobs. From sales to production and distribution, there are roles to suit everyone. As a fast paced and growing industry providing essential medical care, careers in the world of medical devices can be fulfilling, well paid, and rewarding. There are often opportunities for travel, and ample chances for career progression and professional development. Office based roles, lab based roles, and customer facing roles are all possible. With such a range of working environments, a career in the medical device industry can offer something to everyone.

Roles with the medical device industry

If you are interested in a medical device job in Galway, get in touch with CareerWise today. We offer expert guidance for those looking to break into this specialist field. Here are some of the potential roles a career in medical devices could offer:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control – maintaining high standards throughout the product production process
  • Manufacturing – playing key roles with the production process of medical devices
  • Field engineering – problem solving during the production process
  • Research and development – working towards creating new medical devices
  • Design – creating new ideas to contribute to the medical device industry
  • Sales – often including travel opportunities, sales representatives are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, and having in depth knowledge of the medical devices they are selling.


Are you looking for a career in the medical device sector?

If you are interested in a medical device job in the Galway area, CareerWise have you covered. As experts in this industry, we have fostered connections at all the major medical device employers in the area. Galway is home to a thriving medical device industry and there are opportunities at both major medical device companies and exciting niche producers. We are first to hear of the latest opportunities in medical device careers, and we thrive on placing the best talent with the best employer, every time.

Our friendly team can help you find suitable opportunities, polish your c.v., and refine your interview technique. Working on a case by case basis enables us to offer a personalized service, identifying the roles that are right for you and the career path that is perfect for you to follow. As the leading recruiter for the medical device industry in Galway, we can help you stand out from the competition and make your medical device career a reality.

The CareerWise team in Galway can help you make the most of your skills and experience. Job searching can be a long and tiring process, so why not ask our team to help you on your journey. They will have the latest opportunities in the medical device sector at their fingertips and will be able to advise you on which roles and companies might be a great fit for you.

At CareerWise, we maintain a talent pool of the most gifted professionals, and so have a reputation amongst the specialist medical device companies as the go-to recruitment agency for their needs. We work hard to find a strong match not just between candidate and job, but also between core values and company cultures, to create working relationships that bring out the best in everyone.

Contact our Galway recruitment agency for specialised jobs and recruitment opportunities in a wide range of sectors, including challenging opportunities in the pharmaceutical industries. Don’t waste your time on endless job searches that do not make the most of your skills and experience level, simply talk to our experts about how we can help you to find the job you want.

CareerWise Recruitment team are market leaders in the Medical Device Recruitment Industry. We fill jobs in Galway & across Ireland, from pharmaceutical jobs to medical device jobs. For more information on any of the jobs below please contact our Galway office.

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