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Not Getting Job Offers? Your Social Media Could Be The Reason

social media jobsWhat does your social media presence say about you? You might think that everything you post on social media is for your friends and can only impact upon your social life, but this is simply not true anymore. More than 70% of employers in a recent study said that they use social media to research potential candidates for job roles, and that this can have a huge impact on the decision to hire or not to hire.

Here at CareerWise, we always advise our clients to be careful about what they share about their lives online. Nothing that is posted on the internet is private, and it’s a good idea to consider, before you post each time, whether you would be happy to see this image or information re-surfacing in ten years time. If you’re not sure, don’t post it!

How Your Online Profile Can Affect Employment Options


Read on for our guide to making your online presence work for you, and you can create a profile that is an asset to your career rather than a millstone:

  1. Think before you post. You may have had a great night out at the weekend, but is it something you need to share with the whole world, including any future employers? Check your privacy settings, and remember that nothing is really private online anyway. Sharing photos of yourself drinking or behaving inappropriately will not help you to secure that dream job.
  1. Create a professional profile. Think about the image you want to put out in the world, and consider whether your social media profile supports this. If you are looking for a professional position, a social media presence that substantiates this image could help you to secure the interview, and the job, that you want. Many employers say that they find social media useful in gathering information about candidates, and ensuring that this information is positive could help your cause.
  1. Maintain your awareness. It’s not only important to have a good social media presence when you’re looking for a job, it’s also a good idea to maintain this once you have the role you want. Almost half of employers surveyed said that they continue to monitor current employees via social networking sites, and a third have disciplined or sacked an employee as a direct result of online content.
  1. Keep it real. Don’t post things online that you wouldn’t say or do in real life. Be aware that posting on social networking sites creates a record of your life, including your attitudes, your political beliefs, your habits and your family and friends, and remember that all of this could be accessed by your potential employers.
  1. Don’t ignore its importance. All of this advice, however, comes with a warning. It may be tempting to shun social media altogether and delete your online profiles, but this may not be helpful either. Many employers feel that someone who has an online presence is preferable as a candidate, and you can make social media work for you by putting a positive and professional profile out there.

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