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Many people hold fixed ideas about the engineering industry, with 50% of teenagers in a recent study stating that engineering is a job for men. This is a worrying perception of a dynamic and growing sector, and challenging preconceived ideas is a motivating factor in many initiatives currently working to raise the profile of engineering.

Engineering, essentially, approaches problems by searching for solutions in creative ways. Many people think of it as a branch of science that demands a research-based, dull existence, but this is not the reality of a career in engineering. Many people within the industry – especially young, female engineers – are determined to change the way their jobs are seen and to raise the profile of engineering as a career option.

Here’s Why Engineering Must Be Creative And Diverse

Limitations set limits. This may sound obvious, but it is a big problem if only one group of people become engineers, since they will only be seeking out solutions that suit them and their place in the world. We need diverse and dynamic problem solvers from every background in order to develop solutions that suit everyone and offer us a real way forward.

Ideas inspire excellence. Being challenged to think in different ways is essential in order to step outside the box and consider new ideas. Exchanging ideas with others who have different experiences and knowledge to you offers an important way to expand your perspective and grow your mind.

Our world is changing. The world around us is changing with a rapidity that has not been experienced by previous generations, and creative solutions that enable us to adapt to this are vital. Talented creative minds are required to see the potential of the opportunities available to us, and to continue to develop solutions for our modern world.

Compassion is a pre-requisite. An engineer cannot truly embrace the quest to find solutions to problems that face the world if they are not compassionate. A deep desire to make the world a better place and develop strategies and solutions that make a positive difference to others is a driving force in most people who pursue engineering as a career.

Engineers must be role models. In recognising that we need to solve problems for ALL of the people in our society, rather than just the privileged few, we acknowledge that there is a great need for understanding and appreciation of diversity. Female role models are essential to ensure that women are represented appropriately in engineering, and people of colour must be able to identify with role models who share their world experience.

The engineering industry is a core part of our business world, and we must be aware of its power to effect change in future generations. The pulse of change is felt more vitally in this industry than in many others, and we must insist that it is built on creativity and equality.

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