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Planning Your Career In Accountancy

When you’re looking for a career in accountancy, it can be useful to look ahead, at the sort of position you would like to be in within a decade, for example, and to use this to design a career path for yourself that will allow you to make the most of your skills and enthusiasm and to prepare you for the end goal that you desire.

Here at CareerWise, we can help you to find the perfect position for you, and we will always encourage you to think strategically about where you want this position to lead. Whatever your ambition, you will find it helpful to analyse this from several angles in order to help you work out how best to realise your aims at this stage.

What Does My Dream Job Involve?

Accounting JobsThe stepping stones on the way to your ultimate goal do not have to be menial or gap-filling jobs, and you will be able to progress towards the top much more efficiently if you make the most of the journey. When you consider the job you would love to be in at a future point in your life, it’s worth breaking down the different elements to construct an effective plan for how to make it happen. Think about your ideal job in terms of the following:

  1. Qualifications. What sort of qualifications will you need to obtain in order to do the job you want? Working in positions that allow you to develop your professional qualifications will enable you to steadily work towards your goals, and also be a good opportunity to ensure that you are still passionate about these areas of learning.
  2. Salary. Although it may sound mercenary, it is a good idea to know what sort of salary your ideal position commands, and to be realistic about this. Salaries will usually increase with responsibility in the accounting sector, so you should be aware of how this may progress during your career and ensure that this is manageable for you.
  3. Experience. What sort of experiences will be necessary to secure an appointment such as your ideal job? If you know what is needed, you can focus your efforts on securing experience in this area, and you will be able to select a pathway that allows you to develop the expertise you will require.
  4. Type of company. Think carefully about what sort of company you see yourself working for, and how your own values will fit in with those of your ideal employer. This consideration can help you to identify the types of business you are most interested in, and to be pro-active about seeking jobs in these areas.

When you are seeking a new position, all of these questions are important, and you should be aware of the importance of the opportunities to progress offered by the positions you are considering. A position with a higher salary that offers no opportunity to develop is likely to be a far worse prospect for your career progression than a lower salaried role that offers great opportunities for growth.

Are You Looking For Accounting Jobs in Cork and Galway?

CareerWise is Ireland’s leading specialist Technical and Executive Recruitment firm, and we can help you to secure the new role you want. We specialise in recruiting within the Accounting industry, and our professional team thrive on finding the right candidate for every role.

For roles including accounting jobs in Cork, Galway and  accounting jobs in Limerick, call us at CareerWise on +353 (0) 21 206 1900 for a consultation, or contact us online today.

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