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Looking for a job in Ireland during COVID-19? What you need to know about Remote Hiring

With the global pandemic creating a new normal, little remains unchanged. This is certainly true of the recruitment process, where employers have turned to remote hiring practices. Here’s what you need to know about the new job hunting process.

Video Interview

Adapting to a virtual world

It’s now very likely that the entire recruitment process will happen online. Although there are downsides, you can also turn it to your advantage.

  1. Preparation is key

Ensure that your computer is in good working order, with a quality image and a clear microphone sound. Make sure you have downloaded the necessary conferencing software, and that you are comfortable with how it works.

In many ways, an online interview should mirror a traditional, in-person interview. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you can wear your pyjamas! Dress smartly and appear as professional as possible. Come prepared with knowledge of the company, and any questions you have regarding the job.

Everyone has had to adapt to this situation very fast, and it’s likely that allowances will be made for barking dogs or interrupting children. Try your best to create a calm and professional space for your interview; but if disaster strikes, remember we are all human, and your interviewers will mostly likely have experienced something similar themselves.


2. Changes to the process

For all the similarities to the traditional interview process, there are, of course, big changes too. Without in-person interaction, it may be harder for employers to get a sense of the people they are selecting from. This may mean that the process takes longer, with additional calls, or perhaps further requirements such as presentations. Don’t be discouraged. It shows that the employer is trying to get to know you, and gives you a chance to get to know them, which will make it easier for you to make the right decision should they offer you the job. Feel free to ask questions about the process, to clarify your expectations.


3. Communication + collaboration = congratulations!

As many jobs will not only be recruiting but also working remotely, employers are especially keen on candidates who can prove themselves reliable under these circumstances. If you can communicate well via digital mediums, and work with others despite the challenge of distance, you will impress prospective employers. Highlighting qualities such as self discipline and time management is also important. Try and demonstrate a willingness to use technology  – can you assist collaboration via sharing your screen? Have you got a digital portfolio that shows off your skills?

Be proactive, and make it clear that you are willing to use technology to your advantage, rather than perceive it as a barrier.


4. Handling the COVID challenge

At such a difficult time, employers are searching for candidates with the resilience and positivity to help their team through the crisis. Try and show that you will be an asset, ready to adapt to new challenges and overcome obstacles. Prepare examples of your problem solving skills, perhaps drawing on personal experience of overcoming a tough situation, or an occasion where you turned a negative into a positive.


5. Bumps in the road

An entirely remote hiring process is most likely new to both you and your prospective employer, so it is important to be flexible and know that things might not always run smoothly. In uncharted territory, patience and communication are important. Timelines may change, and you may find yourself having to adapt to unfamiliar technology. Be honest and clear – make sure they know when you are available, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are struggling.


6. Making the most of your virtual interview

As with any interview, remember this is not just an opportunity for the company to size you up. It’s also a chance for you to see if working for them would suit you. You liked the sound of the job on paper; but does the company live up to your aspirations when you meet them on screen? Make sure you know what you need from the job, and ask questions appropriately. While we all adapt to the world during Covid-19, it’s important that you also establish what it would be like to work for the company when things return to normal.

Remote hiring is a new challenge for everyone. However, if you remain open minded and flexible, you will be able to make the process as smooth as possible, and perhaps even turn it to your benefit. Best of luck with your job hunt!


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