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Returning To Ireland: Breaking Back Into Employment

Moving abroad for work is a fairly common occurrence, and there are certainly many advantages to gaining experience and lifestyle bonuses in different countries while the labour market at home is slow. However, many young people who have moved abroad to develop their careers eventually decide to return home to the Emerald Isle, and this can be a tricky time of rediscovering roots and breaking back into the local employment scene.

Fotolia_48392882_XS-working-abroadHow to Get a Local Job After Working Abroad

If you’ve returned from working abroad and want to find employment in your local area, there are a few things to consider that will make the process easier.

1.    Do your research. Find out what’s been happening in the local employment market while you’ve been away, and find out about any opportunities that may have been created. If the local economy has been struggling, you may find that workers who have stuck it out and been loyal to local companies may be getting the interviews you want, but keep persevering and show that you are prepared to commit.

2.    Consider what you have to offer. If you’ve been working in a similar sector abroad, you may have specific skills to bring to a local employer, but be aware that you’ll need to update yourself on local practice and business climate. Think about how to make use of the skills you have and consider how these will be of most use to a potential employer.

3.    Find out what you need. Think about the practicalities of working in a country that you have not lived in for a while. Do you have a valid driving license? Do you have qualifications that are not relevant in Ireland, and can you do anything to make your experience more useful to you now?

4.    Think about what you want. If you just want to make a living, you’ll be less selective about what you apply for, but if you want to commit to a career and make the most of your skills and experience, it’s worth taking some time to work out exactly where your interests lie and focus on this area, to ensure that you end up with a job you want.

5.    Remember why you want this. If you’ve decided to return to Ireland after years of working abroad, it’s likely that you’ve moved back with family in mind, or because you wanted to reconnect with your roots. Remembering the reasons for your decision can help you to keep going when it’s tough to find employment, and will remind you why you want to persevere.

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