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Skills You Need To Excel In Ireland’s Software Sector

Did you know that Ireland is home to more than 900 software companies, including multinational and indigenous firms? More than 24,000 people are employed in this industry in Ireland, and this means that opportunities are excellent for talented individuals who have specialist skills.

Here at CareerWise, we work with a range of industry leaders, identifying individuals who can become real assets in their teams. We often advise re-training or developing certain specialisms to improve your position as a candidate, and we recommend finding out which skills would be most beneficial to you if you are seeking a new role in Ireland’s software sector.

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Sought After Skills In The Software Sector

In the IT industry, the pace of change is exceptional, and this is particularly true of the software sector. At present, our advice is to focus on the following skills, and develop your expertise in these areas. It is vital to recognise, however, that these are liable to change as developments are made, and to keep yourself informed of the most relevant requirements for the role you want.

  1. Eclipse – an integrated development environment for computer programming
  2. Git – a version control system that is essentially used for source code management in developing software
  3. Web services – including customer relationship management
  4. JQuery – a cross-platform JavaScript library that can streamline client-side scripting of HTML
  5. Python
  6. Web applications
  7. HTML5
  8. Data engineering and data warehousing – including design and construction of cloud infrastructure for large scale data processing systems.

How To Develop Your Potential

As always, it can help to identify individuals who are already in the role or area in which you wish to specialise, and to talk to them about their experience and skill development. Exploring the opportunities available for career development may lead you to take on specific training or qualifications that can increase your appeal to employers.

If you are looking to grow your own portfolio and increase your potential, a mentor can be of great value, and studies show that individuals with at least three mentors are more successful in their lives than those who have less than three. Seeking out and working with mentors is a real commitment to your career, and this is a great place to start when you are looking for a new role or direction.

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