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The Importance of using Social Media for Employer Branding

As an employer, you have worked hard to create a profile that reflects the values your company holds dear. You will have considered your branding across many different marketing streams, acknowledging the importance of your image to recruiting the right colleagues on a B2B level, as well as its importance for your public audience. But how have you approached your branding as an employer on social media, and why is this important? At CareerWise, we are experts in all aspects of the recruitment process, and witness daily how vital it now is that employers give the right impression on their social channels. Here is our guide to why employers need to think about social media for employer branding.

Social media reinforces your employer brand

Marketing is a vital tool in making sure prospective candidates see your company as a great place to work. Without getting that message out there, you will probably find yourself unable to recruit the best employees for the job. Good social media use should highlight the aspects of your workplace that you feel will resonate most with the people you hope to attract. Perhaps this will show off your charity fundraising events, your community spirit, or your flexible approach to working hours. Work forms such a large part of people’s lives that companies cannot afford to present themselves as simply eight hours at a desk, with no additional attractions. What are your company’s goals and aims? Make these clear and you will attract prospective employees who share these priorities. A reported 59% of candidates use social media to research brands they may be interested in working for, so this is your chance to create the right impression, and reflect your values and culture.

 Social media increases the talent pool you can access when recruiting

In a fast paced modern world, those looking to build a career will be keeping their ears to the ground, to be first to hear about opportunities. According to LinkedIn, 49% of professionals follow brands they may be interested in working for on social media, in order to be in the loop as soon as a job is advertised. So building a solid social media presence that promotes your company’s culture will give you a much wider talent base to draw from when you need to recruit. Active social channels will maintain awareness of your brand, meaning the strongest candidates will be ready to apply when you need them.

 Social media is where your audience is

In 2020, there are about 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. This equates to about 45% of the population. With people of job seeking age forming the bulk of those users, it is undeniable that social media provides a huge audience. Amongst that audience are the right people for your job vacancies. As opposed to going to a job fair and hoping that one or two suitable candidates show up, you are able to access such a broad audience that, with clever use of targetting and branding, you should be able to discover much more talent than you need, and take your pick.

Social media engages current employees

Whilst seeking new talent is important for any ambitious company, retaining the talent that you already have is just as important. Strong social media can be a great way to keep everyone connected. Promoting events that showcase the culture and values of your organisation; getting staff involved through sharing of posts and tagging; creating an online community that reflects your positive offline work environment. All these things can contribute to a sense that employees are part of a greater whole, working together towards common goals. Unity of purpose and community feeling can help keep employees focused and enthusiastic about doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

There are no shortage of reasons why a proactive employer should be keen to use social media to reinforce their branding strategy. Here at CareerWise we can give you expert advice on how to attract the best candidates to your vacancies.

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