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Top Tips For HR Professionals in Ireland

If you work in HR, you’ll already know how important it is to stand out from the crowd. Securing the role you want and excelling within it requires certain skills, and identifying these is the first step on the road to success. Read on for our top tips on making it work in the world of HR. 

HR Professionals in Ireland

8 Top Tips For HR Professionals

Here at CareerWise, we work to place HR candidates in many different industries, with companies we know and trust. Our experience leads us to recommend the following tips to succeed in this environment: 

  1. Specialise. HR requires a generalised expertise and level of experience, but you will need to specialise in a particular area to build your own portfolio and make yourself stand out from other professionals applying for the same roles.
  1. Value people. The team you build around you is crucial, and having a good team means that you will build positive relationships and create networks that serve your future career development. 
  1. Take time to develop your career. Building your portfolio or CV should be a task that you spend a little time on each week, developing your social media presence, networking or training.
  1. Find mentors. Studies have shown that having mentors can have a very positive effect on your career progression, and three is the magic number, here. If you’re aiming high, identify those who can help you to get there.
  1. Never miss an opportunity. You should always be on the lookout for successful practices, and don’t hesitate to incorporate these into your own practice. Acknowledge your sources wherever you can, but add your own personal touch to really show your flair.
  1. Focus on quality. Cost is relative to quality, and no employer resents paying a higher price if they are impressed by the quality and integrity of a team member. This is relevant to you and to the teams you work with, and it is important to continuously evaluate the individuals in your organisation in relation to turnover and value.
  1. Know your stuff. To excel in HR, you need to know your business inside out. If you don’t know your company’s current share price, profit and revenue growth over the last two years, and key productivity strategies, you’re not setting yourself up for success.
  1. Ask for feedback. Never miss a chance to ask for feedback from colleagues or managers, and take the opportunity to make sure you fully understand what is said. Thank anyone who offers you feedback, and take the time to consider and assimilate it. 

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