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Unusual interview questions – What kind of animal would you be?

What animal best describes you?

Unusual Interview Questions

It is becoming increasingly common for interviewers to throw in some unusual questions during interviews. This could be for a number of reasons: they want to see if you can think on your feet, can think creatively and possibly demonstrate a sense of humor. Or equally to put a potential employee off their stride, thus testing their ability to think and react under pressure.

One question that seems to pop up more frequently is ‘If you were an animal, what would you be?  or “Which animal best describes you”? Both these questions are used to give an interviewer insight into how a person perceives themselves.

There are obviously no right answer to questions like these, but this is your chance to be creative and really impress with your inventiveness. It’s all about trying to see your thought processes, and how you handle being put on the spot.

Try to tailor your answer to the specific job, for example, don’t say you have the independence of a cat if you’re going for a job where being a team player is important.

Try not to overthink it and just have fun with it!

Consider some of the following:

Fox – Clever, but with a hint of dishonesty
Tiger – Intelligent, street smart
Lion – Bossy and lazy, but an incredible fighter, puts themselves above all others, likes asserting authority
Elephant – Leader, unstoppable, great memory
Monkey – Intelligent, nimble
Ant – Hard worker
Cockroach – usually an unwelcomed visitor, however, a superb survivor very adaptable and resourceful
Dolphin – Very Intelligent, everybody loves dolphins
Butterfly – Always in one stage or another of development, waiting for your day to fly
Gorilla – Gentle, but not one to be riled, vegetarian, good parent, provoke at your own peril
Chameleon – Blends in well, not one to stand out, very sneaky
Owl – Very wise, very good at seeing the big picture, very good at getting what it wants
Jellyfish – Beautiful to look at but deadly to touch, handle with extreme caution or pay a heavy price
Dove – A peacemaker, always looking for the non violent solution

 Generally bad animals, the ones you may want to avoid (at least for this question) include:

Snake – Sneaky and dishonest
Whale – Bloated
Sloth – Lazy
Turtle – Too laid back, unable to strike fast even when necessary



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